“No! Please stop!” cried Ursula. Only she and a few people around were still conscious. The Dragon Follower was snatching Dracospirits from their companions. Losing protection, the Dragon Spiritors went berserk one after another. They destroyed everything in their surroundings and broke through the wizards’ seal. Ursula focused on the oscillation of power inside her heart, and tried to awaken her berserk companions with the power of resonance. However, she was stopped by Agatha, who asked her to leave with the Dragon Follower. However, a berserk spiritor next to them knocked Agatha aside, and slashed Ursula with his sharp claw. To fend off the attack for Ursula, the water Dracospirits hiding in the stagnant water jumped out and wrapped around her arm. As the Dracospirits sacrificed themselves for Ursula, she cried loudly, and shattered her berserk companions’ souls using the power of resonance.

        ‘They are water. Their bodies are whirlpools... It is the whirlpool which whirls the deep sea.’

        At the beginning of becoming a Dragon Maiden, Ursula did not feel lonely. She stayed with the children with dragon scales and familiarized herself with the power of the Ethereal Dragons under the wizards’ teachings. They no longer had to sleep as frequently as humans, but whenever they slept, it would be a long, deep sleep that they could clearly sense the aging of the environment when they woke up — they grew into maidens, yet the treelings afar had turned into old pines. They finally realized that they had become dragons. Their biological clocks were no longer the same as humans’. Before they had the time to get used to it, some of them had already succumbed to the power of the dragons. Most of them had to stay around the souls of the baby dragons to preserve their consciousness. Only Ursula and a few of them had managed to live freely. Ursula possessed the ability to harmonize the Dracospirits by resonating the chaotic power of Ethereal Dragons. Before the Dragon Follower came, Ursula had once thought she could live with other Dragon Spiritors and forget the fact that her parents were dead. She treated her companions as her family, so she tried to help her companions retrieve their consciousness when they were losing their mind and yelling insanely. However, as the others dissuaded her, she left with the follower and set out for the footprints of Ethereal Dragons and their real family.

        “What you’ve heard is not only the roar of Ethereal Dragons, but also my voice.” — Ursula the Dragon Maiden

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