Below is a set of pages generated each time a new version has been released. It will aid in finding any changes Madhead has made to the game:

Templates and pages to be updated after each game update:

Templates and pages tat are automatically update after each update:

Templates not for generic use:

CSS/JS pages (see Help:Community CSS and JS & JS and CSS Cheatsheet):

  • Ultimate Stages
  • Power Release Stages - needs table (prNAV)
  • Virtual Rebirth Stages - needs table (vrNAV)
  • Amelioration Stages - needs table (ameNAV)
  • Black Hole Stages
  • Story Stages
  • Seal Stages
  • Periodic Stages

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JoetjeF/Card Collection/NewRowJoetjeF/Cards MissingJoetjeF/Cards To Max
JoetjeF/Combine SkillsJoetjeF/Craft Charge CalculationsJoetjeF/Craft Collection
JoetjeF/DocumentationJoetjeF/Dupe ListJoetjeF/Enemy Skill Icons
JoetjeF/Enemy Skill StandardsJoetjeF/Enemy Skills Extra InfoJoetjeF/Forbidden Monsters
JoetjeF/Game Data ExtractionJoetjeF/Game Data Extraction/cnv locale.shJoetjeF/Key Active Skills
JoetjeF/MonsterIconsJoetjeF/Monster SeriesJoetjeF/MonstersVersion
JoetjeF/Sealed Lords TimelineJoetjeF/Skill LevelingJoetjeF/Skill Leveling/evo
JoetjeF/Skill Leveling/evo2JoetjeF/StageJoetjeF/Stories
JoetjeF/Story TimelineJoetjeF/Story Timeline/Era of ChaosJoetjeF/TOS Updates
JoetjeF/TeamIconsJoetjeF/Team Passive SkillsJoetjeF/Team Skills
JoetjeF/Template OverviewJoetjeF/Voice
JoetjeF/Work AreaJoetjeF/Work Area/1JoetjeF/Work Area/2
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