Yan XiEdit

Type Cards
Biweekly 401i 402i 784i 786i 788i 2174i 2175i
588i 589i 785i 787i 789i
Diamond Seal 1189i 1190i 2176i 2177i
1371i 1373i
1372i 1374i
Ultimate 1213i 1986i


Type Cards
Diamond Seal 432i 434i 436i
433i 435i 437i
Biweekly 438i 439i 440i 441i 442i
Biweekly Raid 565i
Common 443i 444i 445i 446i 447i
566i 567i 568i 569i 570i
Ultimate 448i

Disney VillainsEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 8001i 8003i 8005i 8007i 8009i 8011i 8013i
8002i 8004i 8006i 8008i 8010i 8012i 8014i
Common 8024i 8025i 8026i 8027i 8028i 8029i 8030i
8031i 8033i 8035i 8037i 8039i 8041i 8043i
8032i 8034i 8036i 8038i 8040i 8042i 8044i
Biweekly 8015i 8016i 8017i 8018i 8019i 8020i
Ultimate 8021i 8022i 8023i 8045i


Type Cards
Biweekly 611i 612i 613i 614i 615i
676i 678i 680i 682i 684i
677i 679i 681i 683i 685i
Ultimate 616i

Xuan Yuan SwordEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 746i 748i 750i 752i 754i 756i 758i 760i 762i 764i 766i
747i 749i 751i 753i 755i 757i 759i 761i 763i 765i 767i
Biweekly 776i 777i 778i 779i 780i
Biweekly Raid 781i 782i
Common 771i 772i 773i 774i 775i 783i
Ultimate 745i 768i 769i 770i

Monster StrikeEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1091i 1092i 1093i 1094i 1095i 1096i 1097i
Biweekly 841i 842i 843i 844i 845i 847i
Biweekly Raid 846i
Ultimate 848i 1098i

Chinese PaladinEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 891i 893i 895i 897i 899i 901i 903i 905i 907i 909i 911i 913i 915i
892i 894i 896i 898i 900i 902i 904i 906i 908i 910i 912i 914i 916i
Biweekly 917i 918i 919i 920i 921i 922i 923i 924i 925i
Common 926i 928i 930i 932i 934i 936i
927i 929i 931i 933i 935i
Ultimate 937i 938i 939i 940i

Clash of KingsEdit

Type Cards
Biweekly 1071i 1075i
Guild Event 1072i
Ultimate 1073i 1074i


Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1201i 1202i 1203i 1204i 1205i 1206i 1207i 1208i
Biweekly Raid 1211i
Guild Event 1209i
Special Exchange 1212i
Ultimate 1210i

Crash FeverEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1726i 1727i 1728i 1729i 1730i 1731i 1732i 1733i 1734i
Biweekly 1495i 1496i 1497i 1742i
Common 1735i
Coliseum 1738i
Arena 1741i
Guild War 1740i
Special Event 1739i
Ultimate 1498i 1499i 1736i 1737i

Pili PuppetsEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1506i 1507i 1508i 1509i 1510i 1511i 1512i 1513i
Biweekly 1514i 1515i 1516i
Coliseum 1520i
Ultimate 1517i 1519i
Nightmare 1518i

The King of FightersEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1571i 1572i 1573i 1574i 1575i 1576i 1577i 1578i
Biweekly 1582i 1583i 1584i 1585i
Horror 1590i 1591i
Arena 1585i
Coliseum 1581i
Ultimate 1579i 1580i


Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1762i 1764i 1766i 1760i 1759i 1768i 1769i
1763i 1765i 1767i 1761i
2281i 2282i 2283i 2284i 2285i 2286i 2287i 2288i 2289i
Biweekly 1775i 1776i 2296i 2297i
Biweekly Raid 2298i
Horror 1773i 2293i
Coliseum 2294i
Arena 1774i 2299i
Joint Operation 1772i
Ultimate 1770i 2290i 2291i
Nightmare 1771i 2292i
Special Event 1785i 2295i 2300i


Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1786i 1790i 1793i 1788i 1792i 1795i 1796i 1797i
1787i 1791i 1794i 1789i
Biweekly 1805i 1806i
Common 1801i
Horror 1798i
Coliseum 1799i
Arena 1807i
Ultimate 1817i 1802i
Nightmare 1803i 1804i
Login Reward 1808i


Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1882i 1883i 1884i 1885i 1886i 1887i 1888i 1889i
Biweekly 1895i 1896i
Common 1897i 1898i 1899i 1900i 1901i 1902i 1903i
Joint Operation 1892i
Guild Event 1894i
Arena 1893i
Ultimate 1890i 1891i

Fairy TailEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 1955i 1956i 1957i 1958i 1959i 1960i 1961i 1962i
Biweekly 1969i 1970i 1971i
Common 1972i 1973i
Joint Operation 1966i
Guild War 1967i
Arena 1968i
Ultimate 1963i 1964i
Nightmare 1965i

Saint SeiyaEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 2101i 2103i 2105i 2107i 2109i 2111i 2112i 2113i
2102i 2104i 2106i 2108i 2110i
Biweekly 2126i 2127i
Common 2119i
Coliseum 2123i
Horror 2124i
Story Mode 2114i 2115i 2117i 2118i
Arena 2125i
Ultimate 2120i 2121i
Nightmare 2122i
Special Event 2116i


Type Cards
Diamond Seal 2150i 2157i 2152i 2153i 2154i 2155i 2156i 2159i
2151i 2158i
Biweekly 2167i 2168i
Common 2170i
Coliseum 2164i
Horror 2165i
Arena 2166i
Ultimate 2160i 2161i
Nightmare 2162i 2163i
Guild Event 2169i


Type Cards
Diamond Seal 2186i 2187i 2188i 2189i 2190i 2191i 2192i 2193i
Biweekly 2198i 2199i
Common 2201i 2202i
Coliseum 2196i
Joint Operation 2197i
Ultimate 2194i 2195i
World Event 2203i

Fullmetal AlchemistEdit

Type Cards
Diamond Seal 2336i 2337i 2338i 2339i 2340i 2341i 2342i 2343i
2344i 2345i
Biweekly 2355i 2356i
Biweekly Raid 2357i
Horror 2350i
Coliseum 2349i
Arena 2351i
Ultimate 2346i 2347i
Nightmare 2348i
Login 2359i
Bingo 2353i
Special 2352i 2354i 2360i
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