Skill Name Description Icons Variants
a b c d
Enchanted Shield The enemy only receives Damage dealt by Enchanted Runestones. SI254
Overheal Shield After Summoner's HP is fully recovered, Recovery surplus will become an attack. SI217 -
Orb Shield A random number of Combos will be assigned. Damage can be dealt to the enemy only by making the same or ±2 number of Combos (dissolving Runestones is necessary). If the same number of Combos are made, the enemy will not attack in the Round; if not, the enemy launches a number of attacks. The number equals the difference between the assigned number and the number of Combos made. SI110
  • EX: only by making the same number of Combos
  • Moving: Each Round while Summoner is moving Runestones, a random number of Combos will be assigned
Weakness Shield The enemy only receives Damage of its Weakness Attribute. SI250 -
X% HP Reduction X% of Summoner's HP will be deducted when the enemy attacks (regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills). SI126SI127SI128SI129SI130SI131SI132 -
2 Second Round Runestone-moving time will be reduced to 2 seconds. SI165 -
Summon Shield Minions will be summoned when the enemy's CD reaches 0. If any of the minions remains on the battlefield, it attacks when its CD reaches 0. SI164 -
X% Poison The enemy poisons all Monsters, causing a Damage of X% of Summoner's HP every Round until its defeat. SI135 -
Trojan The lower the enemy's HP, the greater its Attack will be. When its HP drops to a certain level, the enemy attacks twice a Round. SI135 -
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