When Iron Age arrived, the wars in the North were a distant memory. People could only learn of them through oral history or written records.

        As an archaeologist, Vali realized from the records his ancestors had passed down that he was a descendant of the Vanir tribe. However, the records were too old to be verifiable. Nevertheless, Vali visited various places to investigate whether the history of Gods was true, and eventually, he found clues about Valhalla.

        Records still in existence about Valhalla were scarce throughout the realm, leaving its whereabouts only conjecturable from peripheral information. However, a few records could still be found indicating that the valkyrie searched for heroic spirits after battles and brought them back to Valhalla. Vali studied through these records and plotted the places the valkyrie had visited, reaching a conclusion that Valhalla was possibly in the depths of Divine Woodland.

        Just as Vali entered the forest, myriad chirps and clitters echoed; snake hisses abounded as he proceeded into the depths. Vali was told by hunters who visited the Woodland often that they once caught a glimpse of what looked like a temple’s pinnacle at a faraway place. However, the deeper they went, the more snakes there were, so none dared approach.

        The clever Vali had studied herbalism; ordinary snakes would not near him after he had put on self-made herbal paste. But to his surprise, as he finally reached Valhalla’s entrance, hundreds of snakes swarmed towards him! Vali waved his whip to disperse the snakes, but their numbers were beyond what one man can handle. He even dropped his notes during his struggle. Just as he thought all hope was lost, a lock of silver hair appeared in his sight.

        “You dare approach the hall of snakes...have you grown tired of your life?” Waving her scythe, the silver-haired woman cleared a path among the snakes. Vali hastily kneeled to pick up his notes, but it was again covered by the numerous snakes.

        “Imbecile snakes.” The valkyrie rolled her eyes before clearing the snakes again and picked up the notes for him. They then proceeded to a safer place.

        “ do not know why...but I feel something on you...beckoning me...It seems to be...expressing see somebody,” Vali panted.

        “No ordinary Human could possibly feel it. Could it be...” She had in fact been wearing Freyja’s necklace since she had found it in Valhalla. A thought crossed her mind; she read off Vali’s notes and found that they were all research about the valkyrie and legends of the North.

        “You are one of the descants of we the tribes of the North, aren’t you? You are probably sensing the Relics of Freyja on my person.” The valkyrie took out Freyja’s Relics, a golden necklace and a headpiece.

        Vali asked haltingly, “What...what?!”

        The valkyrie finished reading his notes in a mere while: “You are an archaeologist. You should be happy to take them back to your homeland, Asgard? If possible, maybe you can seek other Relics of the Gods and return with them as well.”

        Vali’s eyes alighted with excitement as emotion built up in his chest. Though he had yet to answer in words, a resolute determination already surged from his heart: Yes, I will.

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