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        In the classroom, a noble youth, Belphegor, was sound asleep. He isolated himself from the surroundings with earplugs. The teacher did not say a word about this student. It was a noble school, anyway. Never would it be a wise choice to displease the blue blood.
        Suddenly, commotion broke out both inside and outside the classroom. It was Baal, the elder Demon prince, who came to visit his alma mater. He entered the room of Belphegor’s class. Everybody was more than excited to see the prince, and eagerly approached him.
        Baal noticed the sleeping boy, ‘he must be very tired. Let’s not disturb him. Next classroom.’
        ‘W, wait! Lord Baal!’ The students asked him to stay, but Baal responded them with just a smile and a wave, and then left for the next classroom under the principal’s guidance.
        All students stared at Belphegor resentfully, as they blamed him solely for their missing the chance to communicate with the prince. Belphegor was, however, unconscious of what was happening around him—he was still having sweet dreams. A few of the students walked to him, while the leading boy took a further step forward and yanked his earplugs out.
        ‘Humph! It’s time to wake up!’
        The leader triumphantly held the earplugs high in the air, and the neighbouring boys cheered for him. Belphegor opened his eyes and stared furiously at his classmates. Slowly, he stood up, with an air of overwhelming menace. The youngsters were frightened and staggered backward. The leader, standing with his back to Belphegor, was the only one unaware of the imminent threat. He said laughing, ‘why did you stop? Keep cheering for me!’
        ‘Be...Behind you…’
        ‘Behind me—’
        As he turned, the leader was grabbed by Belphegor by the head with just one hand. Being lifted up, the leader kept thumping Belphegor. But his struggle was useless. One of his followers moved up, intending to save his leader. But Belphegor instantly grabbed the boy with another hand and flung him to the wall.
        ‘Hey y’all! Come help me!’ The leader yelled in panic.
        His followers looked at each other and charged at Belphegor as they shouted. Belphegor sneered and flung the leader to the ground with the leader’s head down. The blood on the leader’s face splashed to a corner of Belphegor’s mouth, but this did not stop the Demon. He immediately crouched and swept the gang with his leg out. The boys lost their balance, knocking on the desks and chairs. With a crash, they all fell in huddles. The leader strained hard to crawl, hoping to take advantage of the mess to escape. However, Belphegor saw him. Belphegor advanced towards the leader. He grabbed and lifted the leader once again, this time by the hair. With swollen eyes, the leader begged for mercy, ‘p, please…spare me.’
        Belphegor licked the drops of blood at the corner of his own mouth. He smiled with bloodthirstiness in his eyes, and softly said, ‘well, as you woke me up, you should give me some fun.’
        Belphegor raised his fist to punch the leader again, but someone blocked his attack.
        ‘Stop! Put him down!’
        It was Baal. It happened that the noise of fighting captured his attention, so he turned back to Belphegor’s classroom and witnessed everything. Belphegor was startled that Baal warded off his attack so effortlessly. He had never lost a fight, and no one had ever received his blow unharmed.
        A smile crossed Belphegor’s mouth, for he was interested in the man before his eyes. He threw the leader away and charged at Baal with a right hook. Baal calmly dodged away. But Belphegor’s right hook was in fact a feint. The real attack was a hidden left hook. ‘Humph!’ Having foreseen Belphegor’s moves, Baal took his blow using just one hand. The prince shifted the force and twisted Belphegor’s arm to his back. The great pain rendered Belphegor unable to move. Baal took him to a dark corner…
        ‘Are we going to have round two here?’ Belphegor said, his eyes flashing with excitement.
        Baal did not answer. He took out a sphere, in which vast grasslands and creatures unknown to Belphegor were projected.
        ‘Where’s it?’
        ‘A new world discovered by the Pioneers.’
        Belphegor was captivated by the image, paying no attention to Baal’s words. All of a sudden, the projection vanished. Belphegor came back to his senses.
        ‘I can bring you to this world, but first, you need to do something for me.’
        ‘A deal? Interesting. Tell me what you want! But I won’t accept the terms if it’s not something fun.’
        The usual gentle smile on Baal’s face disappeared. He leaned against the fence and malevolently said, ‘my brother Belial’s there. I planted a spy called Abadon in his team to keep watch on him. I knew Belial would betray me, but I have never expected that Abadon would be out of reach…’
        ‘To make it simple, you want me to tackle Belial and Abadon, right? Interesting! I have never fought the royals. Your brother should be your match, so does Abadon?’
        ‘Just go meet them yourself.’
        ‘Great! It seems very fun!’
        Belphegor started looking forward to his life in the unknown world, and his fights against Belial and Abadon...