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        As a guardian of the tribe, Ninurta practised every day for strengthening his power. One day, after training his sickle skills as usual, he took a rest under a tree nearby. At this moment, elemental power started gathering around, guiding his consciousness into a vision…

        “Swing your blade faster!” Ninurta commanded tribal residents to speed up the combat training. “Good! Remember, speed and power are very important in battles,” he showed a satisfied smile.

        Time had passed and the residents went back home gradually. Ninurta took out his sickle, which was wrapped by a piece of cloth, and stared at it. This sealed weapon was given by Anu for protecting people. To know the truth meaning of “protection” and the method to unseal the sickle, Ninurta helped build defensive walls for the tribe and coached the residents for combat. However, the sickle still remained sealed.
        “The still sealed?” Dumuzi asked.
        “Yes...Maybe I’m not strong enough to protect the tribe,” Ninurta answered disappointedly.
        “I don’t think so. There has to be a reason for Anu giving this sickle to you.”
        Ninurta did not respond as he could not find any value of existence in the tribe. At this silent night, he decided to leave after placing a letter on the desk.

        Ninurta has been wandering around the world since he left. One day, he met Imdugud. It was an unexpected encounter. He came to a village for getting some travel supplies and suddenly an ear-piercing noise reached his ears. He looked up to the sky and found a giant bird-like monster flitting across.
        “Isn’t it the ancient bird Imdugud in the rumor?” Ninurta soon recognized the mythological creature.
        “My boy! That monster took my boy!” A woman ran out with a great fear while pointing at Imdugud. Looking closely, Ninurta saw a baby being grabbed to the mid air, so he immediately chased the monster.
        Becoming aware of being followed, Imdugud flapped its wings fast. To catch up, Ninurta jumped between rocks and rocks in the desert, with a view to shortening their distance. Then, he captured the right timing, leapt into the air and grabbed its left wing with both hands! Losing balance, Imdugud opened its claws and dropped the baby; Ninurta, in the nick of time, caught him right away, rolling on the sand, which raised a lot of dust.
        He held the baby to stand up. It was lucky that both of them just had some flesh wounds as they landed on the sand, but Imdugud’s left wing was heavily injured, falling down to the ground. As Ninurta was about to finish the monster, he heard chirps of birds nearby. Following the voice direction, he saw a giant nest on the rock and there were three pullus on which.
        Suddenly, Ninurta felt a strong animosity from behind. He covered the baby and made a quick dodge to avoid the attack. It was the injured Imdugud, which spread its wings to protect the little birds.
        “With such injury, why does it still battle with me——”
        At this moment, Ninurta stared at the pullus. Then, the question in his head was cleared.
        “Is it trying to protect the little birds? So Anu has been trying to tell me that, the true meaning of power is to protect the others.”
        All of a sudden, the sickle was glittering, emitting a crimson color.
        After understanding the truth, Ninurta spared Imdugud’s life and returned the baby to his mother in the tribe. Excited with tears, she knelt down to express her gratitude. Watching this scene, Ninurta started missing Dumuzi and the other friends. Therefore, he packed up and set off towards his homeland…

        “If I cannot protect anyone, it would be meaningless to possess strong power. So, I’ll keep fighting. I won’t let Anu down…”