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        The girl came to the tree alone, but her playmates were nowhere to be found; only their father was there inscribing on stone tablets in front of the fountain. Seeing no one around, she quietly asked the tall old man, “Mimir, can you predict who my future husband will be?”

        “Little princess, I am never given the gift of fortune telling.” He patted the child’s head gently. His palm was so large that he could have gripped her up with ease. “But I would still be glad to share my opinions with you.”

        “... So you are going to put me off, aren’t you?” The girl puffed out her cheeks.

        “No! You have to know that I tell only the truth.”

        The girl was pleased as punch with the reply, and sat down on a rock. She stared at the old man, urging him to speak. Mimir said benevolently, “Princess of the North, please remember that bravery will be at the heart of your husband’s life. Under the sun, there is no man nobler than him.”

        The girl blushed under Mimir’s gaze, but the old man continued with sadness, “Yet the realm of Humans will never be free of hardship, and the blood of men shall flow like a river. You shall witness his glory, but your grief shall never cease, and you shall not perish with him.”

        The child could feel that the old man was talking in earnest. Despite failing to understand his words, she solemnly bowed and said, “Thank you.”

        Later, after receiving the title of Valkyrie, she seldom expressed her gratitude to the others. As Mimir had predicted, her betrothed was a hero in the North, who sacrificed himself with honor on the battlefield. Odin granted power to the servant of Valhalla, making her a Valkyrie, so that she assumed the responsibility of guiding souls of warriors who had lost their lives in wars. At first, every heroic spirit reminded her of her betrothed; she cherished all spirits more in remembrance of his bravery. Valkyrie, the taker of souls, was beautiful yet dignified. It became every Human warrior’s wish to have their souls taken by her after death. However, Valkyrie eventually discovered that none of the souls was in the same league as her betrothed, which prompted her to become ever more stone-hearted. On occasions, she would even attack those she was expected to guide. In her eyes, warriors became heroes and determined the result of each battle by spilling the blood of others. Valkyrie had been dwelling among battlefields, in search of one she could call a true hero.