Imperial Heroes - The Finishing Battle Ch.2

        A carriage guarded by a troop was heading to Wu’s territory . Inside which, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang were in discussions of forming an alliance with Sun Quan and Lü Bu.

        “I remember that he’s just a landlord. One day, he suddenly made his appearance like a brand new man. Since then, he has been training his soldiers and improving their weapons proactively,” said Zhuge Liang, who did a thorough vetting about Lü Bu. Turned out this man expanded his territory just within an extremely short period of time.

        “Lü Bu is currently the most ambitious man. We must be careful even if he’s on our side,” Liu Bei said grimly.

        Although it would be a great advantage to have Lü Bu on board, Lü Bu’s ambition was also Liu Bei’s concern. Unable to withstand the blue, Guan Yu couldn’t bear to say nothing.

        “The meeting is about to start. Stop wasting energy on worrying about everything.”

        Exchanging gazes, Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang agreed that Guan Yu had a point. The two of them heaved a sigh then closed their eyes, preparing themselves for the upcoming challenge.

        Liu Bei and his crew were escorted by Sun Quan’s guards once they arrived Wu’s territory. As they entered the Sun’s mansion, Sun Quan gave them a warm welcome. Liu Bei was arranged to sit next to Sun Quan, while Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang knelt behind to stand by.

        “Greetings everyone!”

        A shout interrupted the conversations between Liu and Sun. It was from Lü Bu, who was walking from the entrance to his seat.

        “Just cut to the chase! How many soldiers you can offer me to eliminate Cao Cao if we form alliance?”

        Lü Bu’s pride provoked Guan Yu. Before she could retort, Liu Bei stopped her.

        “Mr. Lü, Cao Cao’s arm force is stronger than we imagine. Let’s make a thorough plan before we rush to the decision,” said Liu Bei.

        The honesty of Lü Bu actually became a relief to Liu Bei, sparing his concern of any hidden agenda in this war time.

        “You ask me for alliance simply because you’re in lack of soldiers. Why bother to make plans?” The impatient Lü Bu continued, “I have fine weapons and well-trained soldiers anyways. You only need to provide supplies and additional men. Let me take the lead. This is the best plan you can have.”

        “You’re just an armed landlord! Don’t get so cocky about yourself!” Guan Yu lost her temper because of the self-centered Lü Bu.

        “My army can erase you in a snap of fingers!” Grinning arrogantly, Lü Bu couldn’t care less about Guan Yu’s rage.

        “You arrogant bastard! Fight me and I’ll prove you our strength!” The enraged Guan Yu declared her challenge, hitting the floor with Crescent Blade.

        “Humph, why not!”

        Lü Bu, recognising the rarity of her blade, accepted her challenge.

        Liu Bei and Sun Quan exchanged a gaze and stepped out from interference. Although internal conflict was never a pleasant thing to do, Lü Bu’s attitude would eventually become a threat if he remained unchanged, which was why they agreed to sit back on this matter.

        Guan Yu took the initiative to begin the fight with her blade. Blocking the hit with halberd, Lü Bu felt an extensive impact force at his grip. As he didn’t anticipate such a heavy blow from Guan Yu, he almost dropped his weapon.

        Taking a step back, Lü Bu struck forward at Guan Yu’s stomach. In a split second, Guan Yu managed to dodge this fatal blow, yet there was still a minor scratch on her. Guan Yu, ignoring the bleeding wound, launched another round of attack, which was blocked by Lü Bu again.

        As the heated battle went on, there were few fatal blows that almost finished one or another, scaring all the people present. The two of them were still in a tie after a long fight. When their weapons clashed, their connected gazes were so fierce as if their gaze contained flares.

        “Alright! Let this be a respectful competition. I believe that both of you have proven your strength to each other.”

        Sun Quan seized the opportunity to mediate before the fight got even nastier.

        “Guan Yu, calm down,” Liu Bei said. Then he turned to Lü Bu to talk him down, “Mr. Lü, now you can see that we’re not some weaklings. I hope you can understand that this alliance is all about cooperation, but not making one of us overpower.”

        “Cao Cao is too powerful to be brought down by force. We’ll need tactics too, which is exactly the thing you’re lacking,” said Sun Quan.

        “If you insist on fighting Cao Cao alone, I’m afraid that the odds will not be in your favour.” Sun Quan managed to convince Lü Bu.

        After listening to Sun Quan, Lü Bu stood still and pondered over his words. Meanwhile, Liu Bei and Sun Quan pretended to be confident. At last, Lü Bu took a glass of wine and toasted Guan Yu——

        “Okay! I admit that some of you have real talents here, and I’ll join the alliance,” Lü Bu said, and he continued his speech while looking at Guan Yu, “I haven’t had such a good fight for a while. You’re very skilled. This one’s for you.”

        “Hell yeah I am!” Guan Yu responded, acknowledging Lü Bu’s strength. “You’re very strong too. Together we can bring down Cao Cao!”

        With Lü Bu’s approval, Liu Bei and Sun Quan took their wine glass and toasted their alliance!

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