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        In the dark night, Metatron finally found Apathetic Angeloid, who was residing within another person. The host was sleeping soundly. Metatron put his hand on the man’s head, transmitting his thoughts to the Angeloid telepathically.

        ‘Come back. You don’t have to hide anymore.’

        Metatron’s sound reverberated within the Angeloid’s heart. She dragged Metatron into a virtuality of their consciousness, where he fell into a complete darkness. As he slowed his landing by flapping his wings, the scenery of a battlefield faded in; he could hear the clashing of weapons from below. Metatron saw himself lead a group of injured soldiers off the battlefield. Metatron remembered this memory. Inexperienced, he had been assigned to watch over a world of battle and chaos, where he secretly aided a country of benevolence and righteousness. In the battle, the country had no choice but to sacrifice a unit of soldiers. In order to preserve forces for the country, Metatron intervened in the battle and helped the soldiers escape. However, after returning home, the soldiers were angry about being abandoned to their own fate. They rose up in revolt against the benevolent country and annihilated all the loyal officials.

        Upon seeing the repercussion, young Metatron could not help but think: ‘Even if you interfere, everything will still continue. So, why should I waste all this effort.’

        Since then, apathy and lethargy grew within Metatron’s heart. If everything would progress its own way, any intervening action would be meaningless... The thought resided within Metatron until the spell from the ancient book manifested it into corporeal form, allowing it to escape from his heart.

        “No! I approached this the wrong way!” The Metatron, now grown, was laughing at himself. “My efforts have never gone to waste, because everything I did was just to fulfill my sense of responsibility and to leave no regrets.”

        Even as the virtuality dispersed, the Angeloid finally appeared before Metatron. She coldly stated: “Don’t you understand? Time never stops—”

        “I can’t be discouraged by a single mere setback.” Embracing the Angeloid, Metatron connected his soul with hers. “Come back, sadness of my youth.”

        Apathetic Angeloid shattered into pieces of metal in his arms. The fragments formed a pair of new wings on Metatron’s body, indicating that his spirituality had transcended itself.