Metatron Grabbed the young man. The young man tried all he could do to shake off Metatron’s hand, but with a palm strike from Metatron, Arrogant Angeloid was sent sprawling out from the young man. Metatron marched steadily towards him.

        “No, stay away from me!” Arrogant Angeloid yelled at Metatron.

        The Angeloid kept falling back. All of a sudden, Metatron reached out and grabbed him. When his hand touched the Angeloid, Metatron’s mind fell into a strange space within his head. His thoughts travelled back to his distant memories.

        Metatron looked around, only to find himself in the Ecclesiastical Hall, where a lot of keepers stood, but none could see him. That was the time when he was assigned to be a keeper. In the centre of the hall, young Metatron was raising his hand, vowing to eliminate the evil. He wanted to prove himself by accomplishing more missions.

        Metatron witnessed his immature self walking alone on the road. His teacher walked towards the youthful him.

        “My student, your abilities remain insufficient for the mission, ” said the teacher.

        “My master, I’ve already learnt from you all of your knowledge and power. Do you mean your abilities also are insufficient for the mission as well?”

        “Listen to me. Let the others go!”

        “I will prove to you that I’m stronger than you!”

        Another scene faded in; the young Metatron was dueling a evil creature, but his power was not enough. When the trident was about to pierce him, a tall figure blocked the blow. It was his teacher! His teacher was worried about about him, so he had hurried to the battlefield. Seeing the creature about to take Metatron’s life, he had shielded his student with his body, and had simultaneously delivered a lethal blow to the enemy in return.

        “Master! Master!” the young Metatron was crying. Seeing this, Metatron was depressed. He knew that, after saving him, his master had been ill abed. His recovery had taken a long time.

        Arrogant Angeloid looked at Metatron as if he had won. He thought he could finally replace his creator! However, although depressed, Metatron’s expression also displayed his resolution. The source of arrogance was overconfidence, which led many to think that there was nothing they could not do, inducing negative emotions. However, if he kept drowning himself in remorse , he would never grow!

        “Due to my arrogance, I was lost; Due to my aggressiveness, I had sunk... ”

        “Then I shall return the shortcoming to its source!”

        As Metatron pressed his hand on the Angeloid’s chest, the Angeloid unwillingly turned into light spots, absorbed into Metatron’s palm.

        When Metatron’s mind return to the reality, a smile of confidence flashed across his face.

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