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        Metatron had been tracking the Angeloids which had split from him. Finally, he found a flaming figure on a battlefield. Once Reckless Angeloid saw him, he dashed into Metatron’s body. At the moment of collision, Metatron fell into a vast darkness...

        He carefully advanced in the darkness. Just then, a dawning light appeared in a distance not far from him; he slowly walked towards the glow. Passing through the dazzling radiance, a familiar place came into his eyes...

        ‘Isn’t this the place where I used to undergo my training?’

        He heard a familiar sound, and saw the younger “him” from his childhood. “His” fists were clutched tightly. With a terrified yet aggrieved look, the younger “him” gazed upon other Keepers who lay fallen on the ground before him.

        Metatron remembered that this happened when he had first began to receive his Keeper training. He had not yet learnt to properly control his power, and would often damage facilities in the training camp with the slightest movement. For that, he had been taunted by other Keepers.

        “We probably don’t need to attend training later, since this place will be destroyed once Metatron loses control. Haha!”

        The Keepers burst into laughter. Upon hearing what they said, the younger “him” was seized by a sudden impulse and summoned tremendous power which cracked the ground, and all the Keepers fell.

        One of them yelled, “Look! He even wants to destroy us!”

        Metatron recalled that unyielding, aggrieved, dissatisfied feeling which still acutely afflicted him at present. He was already giving his full effort when practicing, but still, he was teased and isolated. Who could stay calm and rational under these circumstances? Metatron watched the younger “him” again start to summon magic power, for “his” recklessness had driven “him” to eradicate those annoying fellows in front of “him”.

        Metatron hurriedly darted in front of the younger “him” to fend off “his” attack, and leaned over to embrace “him”...

        “This passion in my heart is what drives me to do what I should do and implement the ideology I should implement.” He suddenly understood as he became more sophisticated, when he looked back, none of his recklessness during that ignorant adolescence seemed to matter anymore. The younger “him” in his embrace smiled, then faded into glittering lights, and disappeared. Metatron had broken down the negative energy of Reckless Angeloid. When he reopened his eyes, Metatron was bursting with positive energy, and continued seeking his other lost Angeloids...