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        Decades ago, a traveling archaeologist left a piece of fragment from a God-power imbued stele in the realm of Humans. At the time, discord abounded because of the distrust among people. But a maiden was able to utilize the power within the fragment; she acquired the ability to persuade the arguing individuals to grant each other concessions, and to promise they would honor their pact. With such power, the maiden solved various arguments; and bound by the power of the stele, the people indeed kept their promises, lowering the number of arguments since then. It was also because of the stele’s power that many promises of eternal love had surfaced. Gradually, people adopted the maiden’s name, Var, as a symbol of promise.

        Var, now a Goddess, had shouldered the responsibility to witness services of promise. Vowing in the name of Var meant pledging with life; any individual breaking their promise would be severely punished by Var.

        “Venerable Goddess, I am sorry! I will improve myself, and never cheat on my wife again! Please...please forgive me!” A tycoon on his knees was pleading for mercy. Because of his business affairs, a lot of temptations had approached him. The tycoon had always overcome the allurements; but just this once, he had fallen victim to the trap of lust.

        The tycoon’s wife glanced at the flowers he had given her as an apology, and stroked the ring on her finger, which was a pair with the tycoon’s, before she kneeled down with him: “Venerable Goddess, I beg you to forgive him. Although he betrayed me once, I still love him, and trust him. Please offer him a chance to correct himself.”

        Var was not a merciless one; upon the agreement to forgive between the two parties of the promise, Var will respect their decision and grant them a chance, just for once.

        Since then, the tycoon cared more for his wife. It was not only a compensation for his mistake, but also a manifestation of his true love towards her. His business gradually expanded; he had become so busy that the memory about the Goddess slowly faded from his mind.

        One night, Var visited the tycoon’s house again, prompting myriad episodes of his memories, along with a shred of bemusement.

        “Venerable Goddess! I did care about my wife! I have never betrayed her ever again!”

        “I know. However, I suppose you have vowed in the name of Var for more than once.”

        “T...That...That was...” It was not until Var mentioned this did the tycoon recall the trade which had dragged him into betraying his wife.

        Back then, a merchant hired a dancing hostess to entertain the tycoon, hopefully luring him into agreeing a deal with him. Though the tycoon had rejected the hostess’ service at first, she frequently approached him under the merchant’s instructions. Eventually, her eloquence had convinced the tycoon that she was forced to take her occupation, prompting sympathy from the kind tycoon. They then shared a night of passion; that night, he vowed by the name of Var that he would buy her freedom back from her employer. But a few days later, the tycoon finally realized his betrayal of his wife’s trust. After apologizing to her, and hence earned a second chance, the tycoon did not contact the hostess again, fearing that he might repeat his mistake. Therefore, he also forgot the promise of giving her freedom...

        “You have belittled the importance of promises, and disregarded the meaning of vows. Imbecile Human, receive the punishment from the stele!”

        “I shall inherit the power of the stele, witness every promise, and protect the value of all vows!” — Goddess of Promise, Var