Two blazes of scarlet light hung in the sky, shining over the land. The torrid weather seemed to engulf those soldiers who had a face off in the battlefield.

        Varuna, the king of Sinha, led thousands of soldiers with coloured paints on their faces. In a canyon outside the border, blue-skinned armies assembled. Sinha soldiers started to put rocks on catapults. As long as the king gave a command, they would launch projectiles towards the canyon.

        “March!” At Varuna’s command, rocks were being pelted against the enemies; even though the blue-skinned armies raised their wooden shields, blocking all the rocks were simply impossible, which lead to heavy casualties.

        Witnessing that the enemies were at a disadvantage, Varuna shouted, “attack, soldiers!”

        He galloped through an enemy base that had the weakest defense and cut off a soldier’s head with great speed, which successfully boosted the morale of Sinha army.

        Although the number of enemies was way more than Sinha’s, with advanced weapons and sophisticated skills, they gained the upper hand in the battle. Varuna decided to end this war fast, for he did not want his veteran soldiers overrun by the human wave attack. Therefore, he went straight to the center of the enemy line to confront the enemy leader.

        The leader, protected by his guards, fired arrows against Varuna, who then dodged the attacks easily on his horse. Holding his special, slender yet irregular-shaped weapon, he killed two guards immediately by approaching them from behind.

        Unexpectedly, a spear was stabbed into the waist of Varuna, ripping his flesh off. Blood came out with a gush. As the enemy was complacent about killing Varuna, he cut off that enemy backended in the blink of an eye.

        “Fool! Do you think I’ll be killed by the weakling? I’m the king of Sinha!” The injury did not impede his action at all. Varuna seemed to feel no pain; instead, he went berserk, killing all the guards one by one.

        Stunned by his aura, the enemy leader ordered to retreat. “You could you still move with such heavy injury...Pull, pull back!”

        Bursting into laughter, Varuna, who was covered with blood, was chasing the enemy leader like a madman. He jumped on the donkey, strangled the leader’s neck from behind and pierced through his throat. Losing the leader, the blue-skinned army got into a panic and began to flee. However, they were all killed by Sinha soldiers.

        Back to the camp, Varuna ordered his men to hang all the enemies’ heads onto trees, stretching over 10 miles. This was just to showcase the horror of the Sinha army.

        “Next step, we eliminate all the remaining of that blue-skinned race! Then, their water source, their women and their wealth will be ours,” Varuna wolfed the meat as he said. “Come! Show me your desires! Use your strength to get everything you want!”

        “Water! Women! Wealth! Get them all!” Sinha army shouted with glee.

        Suddenly, someone cut in to interrupt the hooray. A slinger, trembling with fear, raised his hand from behind. “Your-your majesty, I-I think we should stop the war…”

        Varuna said coldly as he raised his eyebrows, “keep on.”

        “Their warriors are all dead...why can’t we spare the lives of those old women and children…”

        “What a fool! In this world, the weak are prey to the strong! If you have mercy on them, it just gives them a chance to fight back. Anyways, our Sinha army is not allowed to have an ignorant soldier like you!” Varuna commanded his man to kill that soldier immediately. The atmosphere had become heavy and everyone remained silent.

        Then, he stood up and spoke in a serious tone. “Listen! Kindness, compassion and mercy are weak behaviors. All these unnecessary emotions will simply drag you down! Sinha army has no weakling. If I find any, he’ll end up in death, just like that fool!”

        “To become strong, we should be cruel! Otherwise, we’re just losers!” Varuna gazed at the vast land with his greedy ambition.

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