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        After handling a mass of stately affairs, the exhausted Belial returned to his room. Surprisingly, Samael was already there waiting for him. Belial never allowed any Demons to enter his room, except for Samael. She had always been accompanying him; she knew about his past, and understood his agony. She was the only individual with whom Belial could share his secrets.

        Belial approached Samael, and lightly embraced her. She then gently said, “How busy you are! My ‘Venerable’ Belial.”

        “Are you mocking me?”

        “How do I dare do that? I am merely happy for you; you are finally able to achieve your purpose this whole time.”

        “No, I am not even close...There is still a lot to be done...”

        Upon finishing his sentence, Belial walked to his bed with Samael, and felt asleep with his confidante by his side. Maybe he was overtired, it was a mere while before he entered his dreams, seeing everything when they were still in demonium...

        Belial was born in the Demons’ royal family, and should own the highest status among all Demons. But he had an extraordinary brother, who had long been chosen as the successor of the throne. Hence, as the younger brother, Belial received no attention from others. At first, Belial still endeavored to demonstrate his talents, in hopes that one day he would gain recognition from everyone. However, he gradually realized that all his effort was to no avail; both his parents, and all other Demons only focused on his brother...Belial then began to feel indifferent about all, and stood aloof from everything.

        Later, resources started to deplete, putting Demons on the brim of extinction. The royal family was vexed by the crisis. In the end, they selected Demons of various social status to become “Pioneers”. Belial was picked as the leader of all “Pioneers”, responsible for finding another place suitable for Demons to live. He believed that he had finally got the family’s recognition. On the day when he was preparing for his journey, he looked for his parents to bid them farewell, but inadvertently learned the truth of the “Pioneer” plan...

        “Do we really have to send away Belial, too?” The voice of Belial’s brother rang from the room.

        “Baal, you should understand. Now we are short of resources; we do not have a choice. Besides, he is of no use to us. There is no need to keep him here.” His father’s voice was exceptionally cold, as if he did not even have a shred of love towards his younger son.


        “It is already decided! He is departing. Nothing further shall be discussed!”

        Upon hearing the sound of footsteps loudening behind the door, Belial hurriedly sought a place to hide. Now he understood: the whole “Pioneer” plan was to abandon some of their brethren, so the rest could survive! The truth stirred Belial’s hatred against his own family, prompting him to take a vow for himself — he would not die before the family falls. After a long search, he and the other five Pioneers arrived at the realm of Humans. In this new home, he acquired immense power, and had started his plan to conquer this realm, and exact revenge on his old home.

        “Belial? Belial!” Samael’s tender voice suddenly rang from his ear, waking Belial from his sleep. He slowly opened his eyes, and saw Samael looking at him worriedly.

        “Are you alright?”

        “I am okay. I just dreamed of my past.”

        Belial held Samael tightly in his embrace. Insult and agony from the past had always been torturing him, reminding him of the unforgivable ones...