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        After getting rid of the maids, the triplets escaped to the corridor of the mansion through the vent. They peeked at a dark corner where they hid themselves, and found that the place were full of guards on patrol.

        Tristan then told what he saw to his sisters. “Looks like our escape has spread. Guards are everywhere!”

        “Can’t believe it’s a trap. Cullinan was trying to let our guard down and had the maids to get us. What a jerk!” Biggie said.

        “on’t spend too much time here. Let’s put the scouting aside a leave before we get caught again...But the exit is guarded. What can we do…,” Twinkle asked as she pulled Tristan’s tail.

        “Ouch! Stop pulling...Calm down. I’ve got a plan!” He whispered the plan in their ears. The triplets all smirked together.

        Tristan jumped out of the corridor alone to tease at the enemies by shaking his butt and curling his tail like a finger. “Hey you fools, catch me if you can,” he provoked the guards.

        “Over there!” They rushed at Tristan instantly as they saw him, which was exactly what he wanted. Biggie and Twinkle had already set up a trap on the ground with a thin string made by cat hair. Very soon, the guards were tripped and stumbled on the floor one by one like domino.

        “Got you! You had this coming!” Tristan made a face to mock them.

        “Stop fooling around! Let’s get changed.”

        Urged by Biggie, the triplets stripped off a guard’s clothes and squeezed into it; the three kittens stacked themselves up to disguise as guard, which was a surprisingly good cover.

        “Hit the road!” Tristan commanded at the top as they set out.

        The kittens told other guards that they were going to patrol outside. Everything went well all the way, but when they were getting close to the main entrance, they bumped into Cullinan and a stranger girl.

        “Blodgett, I paid them well to work with me, but they still failed me. Now that the cats are gone. They should be punished properly, shouldn’t they!” Cullinan grumbled.

        “Sir...those cats are too witty,” said Blodgett.

        “It seems we need to advance our traps if we want to capture them. But the most important thing is the fun——Hey you, you’re searching outside, aren’t you? Do it thoroughly!”

        “Yes, master,” Tristan answered promptly, then signalled Biggie at the bottom to speed up. However, when the triplets walked past Blodgett, they were stopped again.

        “Ach-achoo!” Just as Blodgett sneezed, she immediately had a rash on her arm. Next moment, she shouted, “wait! You’re the cats!”

        “Oh no we’re busted! Twinkle,
Tristan, Run!”

        After she warned, the triplets sprinted to the main entrance. Unfortunately, Twinkle ran too slow and got caught in the tail by Cullinan. “Hey kitty, stop fighting. Be my collection!”

        “Twinkle, claws!” Tristan said.

        Then, Twinkle swung her body to take a leap and scratch Cullinan’s face with her razor-sharp claws, leaving a pair of blood marks.

        “Ahhhhh! My face! Get them, Blodgett! Get them all!”

        Just a step away from the main door, the triplets were sucked by a strong wind. “Don’t ever think about escaping, you filthy cats!”