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        Odin had obtained vigorous power from the Runes. As he had realized his future, he decided to share his power with his loved ones. Odin asked Verthandi to thread the needle to change the fate of all creatures.

        “You know what? They have been linked to you since a long time ago.”

        Verthandi was always smiling. Despite the fact that the gravity within her words always worried Odin, he could change nothing.

        “Of course they will gracefully embrace your power, and, just like you, they will either become emotionless or overwhelmed by emotions under the influence of the power of Runes.” Verthandi kept smiling while extracting the power from within Odin. “The only difference is that they will only go to one of the extremes, instead of swinging from a polar to another like you do.”

        “Verthandi, this is what I must do!”

        “Relax, Odin. Everything will go as you wish.” Verthandi pulled the needle out of Odin. He howled in pain. “Everything you hope for and fear will come true.”

        “I know. Mimir told me so. Everything will happen as you have prophesied...” With great grief, Odin tried his best to bear the pain. “Yet I shall never waver!”

        The Demons released the Dragon of Poison to pollute the realm of Humans. Mimir the ancient savant ordered his daughters to assist Odin in saving the realm from the apocalypse. After Odin became the deity of war among Humans by obtaining the power of Runes, he asked Verthandi to transfer part of his power to his fellows. Like a rope, Odin’s power tied everyone together. They managed to drive the Demons away, but they could not stop the power from eroding their souls. When peace finally arrived, Odin volunteered to be sealed inside the Tower. He entrusted Verthandi and the Valkyries. Whenever the horn was blown and the bellow of the Dragon of Poison woke him from the seal, “You must stop me with your blades.” Although only the present could be seen, the world supported by the web of fate must last, showing no mercy to the misfortunes of warriors. Verthandi kept Odin’s request in mind by granting him a deep sleep every time he woke up.

        “All creatures assemble when the moment arrives. The web of changes shall be weaved with the threads of fate...” — Verthandi, Valkyrie of Destiny