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        The purpose of establishing Spiritual Civilization was to create a “Utopia” without wars. However, Ra never expected that the knowledge the spiritual beasts had learnt would contaminate their pure hearts.
        They fought for their own benefits, resulting in a deep divide among tribes. Although the Spiritual Civilization was gradually reviving with the effort of Mufasa, Ra was still in confusion about the future of them. As he walked inside the shrine, he saw a vision created by the Ancestral Elements, leading him to find the answer in an alternative life...
        Ra was not like a normal baby when he was born. He looked ugly, so he always kept away from others by staying in the darkness alone. All the unpleasant experience in the childhood made him have a deep understanding of the ugliness of human nature. The bottomless evil of human being was the main culprit of this chaotic world.
        Later, Ra met up with Shu and Tefnut by chance. Shu was a guardian of the Ancestral Elements, but he left the shrine with Tefnut to explore the world outside.
        Ra heard from them that the Ancestral Elements which Shu had been protecting were omnipotent.
        “This is a good chance to change the world!” Ra thought.
        He shared his thoughts with Shu and Tefnut, hoping to purify people’s evil with the power of the Ancestral Elements, turning the world into the “Utopia”. Finally, they accepted his idea and began to take action…
        Wandering around, the three of them came to a barren village; the people inside were emaciated.
        As soon as Ra, Shu and Tefnut arrived, they all reckoned that this was the best place for “Utopia”.
        Tefnut summoned rain for the villagers to moisturize the arid land; yearning for raindrops for years, those villagers felt excited and loaded the buckets with water immediately. Shu breathed out a breeze to blow away the heat in order to bring comfort to the villagers, who then closed their eyes and enjoyed this wonderful moment. They had not felt such a pleasant weather for many years. Then, under the instruction of Ra, Shu started gathering the power of the Ancestral Elements. In the blink of an eye, the whole land became fertile; trees, flowers and grass were in blossom.
        As the villagers were stunned by the miracle, Ra, Shu and Tefnut came up to them and explained what they had made. The villagers kneeled down and worshipped them as Gods. Since then, Ra taught them various knowledge and skills. The village, therefore, had become flourishing, and he was satisfied with the current situation. Ra believed that as long as they could live an affluent life, there would be no more wars. The creation of “Utopia” seemed to be realized soon. However, he did not know the darkness in their hearts had already begun to sprout...
        One day, the villagers were fighting for fruits.
        “This land is mine. Of course the fruits are mine!”
        “Humph! If I didn’t irrigate and fertilize the trees well, they would have been rotten. So, the fruits should belong to me!”
        While the two of them were quarreling, other villagers began to kick up a fuss, pushing each other impolitely. Ra landed on the ground, split them up, and stopped their fight.
        “Enough! It’s not worth it to start a feud just because of the fruits,” Ra blamed them.
        Then, he grew more fruits with the Ancestral Elements; the villagers were numb with shock immediately. After sharing the fruits with the villagers equally, Ra thought that the whole thing could finally come to an end, but they were eyeing the Ancestral Elements with greed.
        Since the incident, the villagers got along well with each other. Ra believed he had already established the “Utopia” he had been yearning for. However, one night, two villagers rushed at him in a panic, and pointed that the others were trying to steal the Ancestral Elements! Shu flew into a fury after hearing such news; Ra gritted his teeth, clenching his fists——
        “Humans never change!” Ra gathered light elemental power and attacked the villagers mercilessly. Before long, all of them were down. He looked at the corpses on the ground coldly, lamenting for their death...
        “Evil stems from one’s endless desires. Humans will never stop fighting. Maybe the “Utopia” doesn’t exist at all.”