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        I have been pacing back and forth in the Court of Taurus as I look at the gate again and again. Time is elapsing bit by bit, the one I have been waiting for is yet to return...

        “Didn’t he say that he will definitely return tonight?”

        “Are the enemies are too strong and hard to deal with?”

        “Could there be an accident?”

        I start murmuring to myself. As time goes by, I get more anxious. At the moment I am about to leave the Court of Taurus, the gate slowly opens and a man in his scarlet armor comes in.

        He is walking feebly as if he will fall at any moment. I dash upon to support him with my hands. He seems to be coming to himself only after the moment I have reached him.

        “Oh. Persephone, it’s you. What’re you doin’ here?”

        “I have promised you that I would come today. Have you forgotten that?”

        “No. I just didn't expect you're still here. It’s so late.”

        “I always keep my promise.”

        I smile as he giggles. I bring him to the chair, so he can take a rest. We remain in silence and no one utters a word, hearing our hearts beating faster and faster. Though we say nothing, I can feel that our hearts are getting closer.

        I kneel beside him as he is sitting on the chair. I can hardly turn aside whenever I look into his eyes... I am the only one reflected in his eyes and this is the moment I hold dear the most. I concentrate my pneuma on my hands and conduct it to him slowly, so that his stamina will be recovered. He suddenly grabs my hands and says apologetically, “I am sorry. I didn’t make it on time.”

        Smiling, I shake my head and softly I say, “It’s alright. You’re back.”

        At the moment, the gate of the Court of Taurus is banged open, and our gathering ends abruptly.

        “Armstrong! I need your help!” shouts Galio.

        He sighs and pats my head. He whispers into my ear before he reaches Galio, in the way he usually does, “Wait for me.” Then they left the Court and disappear in the darkness of night...

        I put my palms together praying for their victory. I am determined that I would sacrifice myself for him.