A brown man Domon, Court of Capricorn and a blue-haired girl Carrie, Court of Aquarius stood under rugged cliffs. “Carrie, are you sure this is the right place?” Domon asked with a frown.
        “Yes it is. According to Luna’s message, there is a device placed by the Gods somewhere at the peak of the mountain, which can absorb elemental power.”
        Looking at the towering cliffs masked by patches of cloud, Domon thought the climb would be tough.
        “We’ll do anything to help the Zodiacs no matter how hard it is.”
        “You’re right. Compared to the battle of the Gods, this is much easier.” Domon stretched his legs to prepare for the climb.
        They went up nimbly on the steep cliffs. As they were concentrating on climbing, they did not notice a big shadow charged at them in the mid air. It was too late for Domon to realize they were shrouded in the shadow. He only had time to cover Carrie with his body.
        The shadow crashed into the solid cliff, leaving a big hole onto it. Domon and Carrie were hit by the gravel and fell to the ground.
        Carrie felt severe pain all over her body. She gritted her teeth to bear the soreness, opened her eyes and saw Domon lie down nearby. She crawled towards him and helped him up; Domon was fainted due to the fall.
        Jiii——a strange noise had drawn Carrie’s attention. She looked up and saw Yale, a human-like machine made from metal.
        “ this thing?” Carrie was shocked by its weird appearance. She calmed down, put down Domon and asked: “Who are you? Why did you attack us?”
        “I’m under Pontos’s order to take you down!”
        “...Well.” Carrie prepared to strike back. “In this case, I’ll show you no mercy!.”
        Carrie took the initiative to dash towards Yale ghostly and threw an uppercut, which punched straight in its chin. Yale stepped back after the hit. Carrie remained aggressive and did a sidekick, causing it to take a few steps back to counteract the attack.
        “Nice moves! But the strength is not enough.” Yale balanced its body. “My turn.”
        Yale charged at Carrie with lightning speed and threw a right punch; Carrie crouched down immediately, but could not dodge a downward punch right after it. She could only blocked the attack with both arms.
        However, Yale’s power was way stronger than Carrie’s. “You’re no match for me. Surrender if you don’t want to die!” Yale said as Carrie was used up.
        “It’s not the case if I join the battle!” Domon came out of a coma and helped Carrie withstand Yale’s attack.
        “Let’s show our real power!”
        Carrie smiled at Domon, went all out to strike back and regained the upper hand in the battle. They gathered the elemental power on feet and threw a hook kick in Yale’s chest simultaneously——
        “Ah!” Yale was sent flying deep into the cliffs. The crumbling rocks rolled down to the three of them because of the impact.
        “Run!” Domon took Carrie’s hand to escape from the falling rocks; but Yale was not that lucky——its lower body was crushed by the boulder.
        “Why am I still alive...My lower body was smashed.” If Yale was a human, he would be dead for sure. However, Yale survived, and it did not even feel pain. Domon and Carrie came up to Yale and watched it sadly.
        “You’re not a human.” Domon responded.
        “Then what am I?”
        “You’re a robot created by someone.”
        “I’m created...hahaha!” Yale laughed itself hoarse. “I see. So I can’t take off my armor, nor become a god...They have been lying to me…”
        Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound again. The cliffs started to collapse.
        “It’s collapsing. Go now.” Yale said.
        “...No, we can’t let you die!” Carrie walked towards Yale and tried to push away the boulder on it; Domon immediately came to help her.
        “What are you doing! You’ll die if you don’t go now.”
        Carrie and Domon ignored Yale’s words and insisted on saving its life. Finally, they successfully pushed away the boulder, but there was a deafening noise on the top of the cliffs.
        Domon took Carrie and Yale’s upper body to run away in no time. Then, there were countless stones rolling down from the cliffs and crushing against the ground.
        “Phew——that was close.” Domon sat on the ground, gasping for breath. The feeling inside Yale’s heart was complex as it did not understand Humans. “Why did you save me?” Yale asked.
        “I don’t like watching anyone die.” Carrie responded, sitting on the ground.
        “...Even if I’m not a human?”
        “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a human or not. You are who you are.” Carried stood up and reached a hand towards Yale with a smile. “I forgot to ask. What is your name?”
        “I…” Yale blinked, and took Carrie’s hand with its broken right arm. “I’m Yale.” It wore a human-like smile.

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