“Give way!” Perseus, a brown-skin man, swung his long sword to defeat god soldiers coming ahead; Giemsa, a blue-haired girl, brought up the rear to protect him from behind.
        “Perseus, soon we’ll arrive our destination.”
        Suddenly, a flash of thunder blasted the road ahead unexpectedly. Meanwhile, two shadows landed from the sky.
        “Giemsa, you failed to protect the gate to the heaven. You let the Zodiacs break in and you even bring an enemy here…” Zeus paused and gathered his power. “Now you’re gonna pay for this!”
        Zeus cast thunders over Giemsa, who then conjured an elemental shield to weather his attack. However, Zeus’s power was much stronger than her, who let out a scream of pain after taking the impact.
        “Giemsa!” Perseus tried to sprint towards Zeus with his sword, but a metallic figure blocked his way. It stood up straight, holding a blade with right hand like a samurai.
        “I’m Orlos, your opponent.”
        “...Perseus.” He could feel the will of Orlos as a warrior, so he said his own name.
        After the introduction, Orlos vanished in front of Perseus suddenly. Feeling shocked, he tried to find where it was, but Orlos was right below him already. It drew his blade and swung at him.
        “Em!” Perseus gritted his teeth and leaned backwards; Orlos’s blade left a scratch on his face, which started bleeding.
        Then, Perseus moved his arm and tried to stab his sword right into its head. However, Orlos vanished like a ghost again. In the blink of an eye, it was behind him.
        “It’s fast...But I’m not gonna lose!” Perseus pulled himself together and contracted his muscles, making an accurate movement to dodge its attack. This time, one more scratch was left on his body.
        Within few seconds, they attacked and defended for more than 10 times already. As a result, Perseus got a dozen of cuts on his skin, but Orlos did not even have a scratch.
        Furthermore, such intense attacks had taken up much his energy. Perseus’s action began to slow down. The situation was not pleasant, and what’s even worse——
        “Ah——!” Giemsa screamed. Her elemental shield could not hold any longer, which was broken into pieces. Zeus approached her immediately to begin the close combat, and gained the upper hand in the battle. Perseus tried to help, but he could not get rid of Orlos.
        “How can I break its attack...Darn it! I don’t know!” His restlessness had affected his actions, judgement and started making mistakes.
        “Perseus, my heir.” A familiar voice was echoing in his mind all of a sudden. It was from the constellation power inside.
        “Don’t be confused by everything you see. Close your eyes.”
        His anxiety was completely gone. Regaining peace of mind, Perseus followed the voice and closed his eyes.
        “Feel its action. Feel its track. The constellation power shall guide you.”
        Into the boundless darkness, he could feel the trails of stars. He followed the movement and swung his sword.
        Perseus opened his eyes; and the strike hit right into the lower weak joints of Orlos, which fell down on the ground immediately. At this moment, Perseus’s sword was pointed at its neck.
        “I lose. Kill me.”
        However, Perseus shook his head as he put the sword back. “The battle is over. I don’t kill enemies who are unable to fight.”
        “ naive!” With a flash of light, Orlos pounced on him by pushing its body up. Perseus did not see this coming and fell down.
        Rumble! A bolt of lightning swept across and smashed the ground.
        “What happened? It’s Zeus’s attack...Giemsa!” Perseus saw her lying down on a rock. Luckily, she was still breathing.
        “Orlos.” An angry voice cut in and drew his attention. Zeus was approaching with a glare. “You missed the chance to kill him...How dare you defy me , you piece of scrap!”
        “I’m not a scrap. I’m Orlos. I have intelligence, just like you.”
        Orlos gave out a dazzling light and disappeared. Losing its legs, Orlos used both arms to move, and its speed was comparable with Perseus. Then, it grabbed Zeus tight and gave him a blow. Zeus was stunned because his power had not recovered yet.
        “Bring her and leave,” Orlos said.
        “You have a more important mission to accomplish. Just go!”
        Its sacrifice would go to waste if Perseus continued to be indecisive, so he carried Giemsa and escaped. Watching him out of the sight, Orlos’s eyes flashed, as if it felt happiness.
        “Perseus, it’s my honor to fight with you.”
        It gathered the remaining elemental power and exploded, engulfing itself and Zeus...

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