Vishnu picked up a withered fruit; its pulp became dried and cracked due to long-term exposure to the weather. “Guru Indra, people are waiting for their bodies to rot, and one day they’ll be burnt to ashes because of the weird disease. Is there really nothing we can help? Not even with chakras?” Vishnu asked compassionately.

        Indra lay the cracked fruit on his palm and explained patiently, “if you put this fruit into the water, without doubt its surface will be moisturized, but how about the inside?”

        “It’s still dry.”

        “Only the moisture in itself can make the pulp rich and juicy from inside to outside, preventing the fruit from drying up again.”

        Vishnu understood his meaning. Even though he could help the villagers with chakra, it was just a band-aid solution. Only by teaching them to understand the true meaning of chakra, they could be saved.

        “Guru Indra, may I invite them to join our ascetic practice? Train their mind to be perseverant with frugality and assiduity. Help them understand the Chakra Theory and get rid of the disease,” Vishnu spoke out his thoughts.

        “Life is suffering, but it’s not necessary to sacrifice the joy merely for the pursuit of higher spirituality. Just seize the day. People have been through the torture. They have suffered enough. The harsh ascetic practice will simply suppress their minds.” Indra said as he pointed at the emaciated, chapped villagers.

        “You’re right. However, in the face of this desperate world, normal people have become lost. If their minds are not bound by precepts and trials, they’ll go astray easily…”

        Although Vishnu respected Indra, he still insisted on his own belief.

        Back to Rahmin, he walked to the courtyard alone and continued practicing. One day, he saw a girl with chapped skins all over her body, crying on the ground.

        “Why are you crying,” Vishnu asked as he helped her up.

        “Vishnu...I’ve been learning the Chakra Theory for a while, but I still can’t understand it. My disease is getting more and more severe…”

        At this moment, he got an idea. “I successfully comprehend the truth meaning of chakra with ascetic practice. It helps stabilize your mind. Maybe you can try yourself.” Vishnu invited her to train with him.

        These days, they had been practising together. Sitting crossed legged, each of them put a bowl with only a mouthful of water in front of them. If anyone drank the water, the zazen ended. At the beginning, the girl could not stand thirst for a short time. With the time of exercise, she became more and more concentrated, and even matched Vishnu at the practice.

        The girl was no longer occupied by the disease. Instead, she focused on studying every detail in the Chakra Theory, chanting in sanskrit. Vishnu could clearly see that numerous light speckles began to gather within her body, flowed through the energy channel and went straight to her crown. Then, the girl’s skin gradually became smooth.

        Crying tears of joy, she kept saying thank you for his help. Vishnu was moved by her success. Not only did he feel the greatness of the Chakra Theory, he also proved that the asceticism did work. “It’s working. The practice stabilizes our mental state, which helps us to comprehend the essence of chakra. I’m going to spread it!”

        After days of consideration, Vishnu decided to leave Rahmin and started his own sect. On the day of leaving, he took leave of Indra.

        “Guru Indra, I’ve made up my mind...” There was no one in the bedroom, but only a paper left on the desk. It said, “In the journey of life, you’re the only guru of your own.”

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