The city of Phanes’ followers—the Holy City, was a place where people lived by rules and in peace. They treated each other with courtesy and never fought. However, Samle changed everything...His words revealed the desires of people. He created images to awaken the suppressed desires but did not satisfied them. He shut down the images at the very moment they enjoyed them most to make them crave more.

        Ever since the people ‘obtained’ what they wanted through the images, their desires and greed became uncaged and interminable. They abandoned their so-called rules and became desperate for their wants. Their empty souls thirsted for fulfillment.

        One day Samle strolled down the street. The people had changed drastically under his influence…

        ’Why is your mango so much bigger than mine?’ ‘Humph! Aren’t they all the same? You just want my mango!’ The two children fought over the mangos, which were more or less the same size, for the seemingly bigger one. An old woman with loads of stuff in her arms coulld barely walk on the street. Suddenly a teenager pushed her over and stole everything from her. Two men competed to enter the shop first. They scolded and bumped each other at the door. In the end they got into a brawl.

        Samle came to another street corner. A female scream came from a house. A man walked out of the door. Behind him was his wife crying in fear'. Hr grinned, ‘Finally, I don’t have to hear any more of that baby crying!’ Samle continued his stroll to the middle of the city, where things seemed even more chaotic…

        A girl was caught and forcefully kissed by a young man as she walked out the door. A woman tried to help but was stabbed to death. The young man dragged the girl to a 'a corner. Screaming came from a magnificent mansion, which began to burn the next moment. A horde of people rushed out with treasure in their arms. They smiled in excitement as they counted their loot.

        The children drew on Zeus’s statue, whereas the adults threw rocks at it! They destroyed the statue and yelled, ‘We must fulfil our desires to achieve happiness!’ Samle sat in the distance and watched. He laughed out loud at the people, ‘Haha! Religion is nothing great! All it takes is a little desire to make people forget!’

        A thunderbolt descended upon Samle from above. It landed too fast for him to dodge. As people worried about Samle, a figure drifted down steadily—Zeus had arrived! He sighed at the chaotic Holy City. ‘What a mess...I never knew faith was something so vulnerable.’ ‘It’s an honor to have the almighty Zeus come down for me!’ said Samle as he walked out of the dust without a scratch. The thunderbolt barely touched his clothes.

        Images appeared in front of Zeus. He saw the gods creating a utopia and living happily ever after. ‘I never expected a god’s desire to be that horrible.’ Samle mocked Zeus after peeking inside his desire. The humiliation drove Zeus to blast another thunderbolt onto Samle. It was a straight hit. However, when the lights and clouds of dust vanished, only a burnt tree stood in the middle. Samle’s voice came from above, ‘Deal with your followers first! I’ll play with you another day!’ Zeus frowned at his failure to accomplish his mission given by Phanes and falling for Samle’s trick. ‘Filthy demon!’

        Zeus hoped people would return to normal after Samle left. However, the awakened desires could not be suppressed again. Zeus had no option but expel those who were affected by Samle from the Holy City. Those people weighed their own desires over the gods. They would harm others to obtain what they wanted...

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