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        Red Boy, now studying under the Court of Sagittarius, had long forgotten about seeking his father. In the past, he assumed that his father had a second family, so he searched for him out of spite. However, after his arrival at the Zodiac Courts, he, too, never returned home. Red Boy therefore forgave his father and his grudge gradually dispersed. When he found the armor of Gusty Puppet in the Court, Red Boy had an idea of going back to the realm of man.

        “Core? You mean Mark?” Hertz said while manufacturing a spare pair of wings for the Court of Virgo, “I built him a new body and told him to guard the Ruins.”

        Red Boy was startled. His old product had not only managed to acquire a name and a purpose, but also had met Hertz long before.

        “Why didn’t you tell me?”

        “I’ve never noticed any relationship between the two of you. And you don’t need to learn the application of elemental power yet —”

        “What do you mean ‘I don’t need’! I was the one who had created Mark!”

        “Random assembling is not creating.”

        “It has such self-learning ability. What could you say about my creation now!” The discouraged Red Boy retaliated. “Since my arrival, I have only fixed stuff; you never taught me how to create. On what ground can you say that I was ‘randomly assembling’!”

        Red Boy left hastily without waiting for the Court’s response. He was determined to learn all Hertz’s skills and leave the place. ‘Who wants to succeed his Court-hood!’

        Later, Hertz started to teach him complex mechanical systems. He handed Mark-II’s design diagram to Red Boy, telling him to create devices that could further enhance its attacking power. During his training with Hertz, he secretly studied ways to create a machine that could even fly beyond the Zodiac Courts.

        Once, when Red Boy returned early from his errand for Hertz, he found that Hertz was fine-tuning his Warlike Soldier. Looking at his content smile, Red Boy realized that all Hertz had taught him was about this soldier...The next day, Red Boy decided to take the soldier to the hall.

        “Stop inspecting my soldier behind me! If there is anything, tell me in front of my face!”

        “Nope. I’m actually pleased this time. But if you can modify the structure in...” Upon hearing Hertz’s praise, Red Boy had felt pride. Yet, from the “but” onwards, he was frustrated by the upcoming lecture. Still, Red Boy listened attentively to Hertz’s criticism but his pout never disappeared.

        Red Boy was conceited as usual later on, but he created “Stinger” by himself under Hertz’ guidance. He let it fly to the realm on its own, gathering with Hertz’s Mark-II...