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        The Bull King, exhausted from a fight with Demons, had no hope for success against an angry Court of Zodiac. His life was extinguished by the fiery arrows, before the elements created a vision to comfort his weary soul. In the vision, Bull King experienced a different life...

        Since Rakshasa gave birth to Red Boy, Bull King had retired from the fights in the mountains and forests. To avoid vengeance from previous enemies, his family regularly relocated. However, his efforts were to no avail; enemy elves had amassed their numbers, located the family, and were determined to eliminate them.

        To protect his family, Bull King had no choice; once again, he had to join the wars between elves. Almost instantly, he had established a hegemony and led the many elves. But this had further robbed him of the chance to live a life of tranquility. With all the elves looking up to him, if Bull King decided to retire, the mountains and forests would fall into chaos anew; then, a peaceful life would be mere fantasy.

        Shouldering his responsibility as the lord of elves, Bull King had fewer and fewer time to stay home. Sometimes even Rakshasa had to assist him on the battlefields, leaving Red Boy, still a young child, playing alone with the plunder his father had occasionally brought home. Most of the plunder were artifacts imbued with elemental power. After some time, Red Boy grew obsessed in studying the powerful artifacts; he even created Bull King’s mount with them. This was how Bull King learned of his son’s talent in mechanics, and he grew increasingly proud of the boy.

        “Father, how did the mystical-eyed mount perform?” Red Boy hurriedly asked Bull King who had just arrived home after a victorious war. Red Boy’s mechanic artifacts often helped Bull King win myriad fights, prompting the child to continue cultivating his talent.

        “My great son, your inventions are marvelous! You won’t believe what happened! Riding the mount you made, I moved like the wind through the enemy ranks and downed a whole bunch of their leaders. They were scared out of their wits, hahaha!” Bull King was utterly content with Red Boy’s inventions.

        Bull King equipped Red Boy’s new invention on his arm, readying himself for the incoming Demons. With the artifact, a single attack was able to defeat a lot of enemies. However, it also drained much elvish power from Bull King. Thankfully, he was still able to regulate how much power he released.

        But the Demons did not retreat because of his attacks. To protect his companions, Bull King paid no regard to his own body, and channeled even the last remaining bit of his power into an attack through the artifact. Eventually, exhaustion cost his life on the battlefield. Red Boy received the news, and his interest in artifacts drained...

        Some time later, Red Boy succeeded the title of “the Great Sage” from his father, and became a reliable leader for the elves. One time, Red Boy spared some of his time to return home for his mother though constantly occupied by continuing battles. When he caught a glance of the tools he had used to invent artifacts, his emotions surged. Red Boy absent-mindedly picked up a wrench, fidgeting with it as he had done in the past; his hand was soon covered in dust. Red Boy could not help but sigh: “Father, if I hadn’t given you that artifact...”

        “Oh no, Your Majesty! The Demons from the western mountain are attacking again!” His subordinate’s call prompted frowns from Red Boy. He then put down the wrench and settled his emotions, before returning to the battlefields of unending wars...

        ‘I, Bull King, shall bear the consequences of my own choices! The responsibility of leadership among the elves shall be mine, and mine alone to bear! I shall allow no one and nothing to hinder my son’s extraordinary talent!’