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        Gan Ning came to an open garden and unrolled a parchment on a stone table; He used graphite to draw a vessel design. Gan Ning closed his eyes to focus on his work, putting all his energies into thinking. Drops of sweat dripped from his forehead to his naked upper body, wetting his strong and muscular chest.
        As time went by, the vessel design was close to finish, except a mast. Gan Ning stopped to ponder.
        “Although a truss structure has minimal effect on the hull, it cannot use in such heavy carrier...Maybe a tower-like mast will be more suitable.”
        “Ning Ning——!”
        A loud shout interrupted his thoughts as Gan Ning was about to draw. He pouted his lips and stared at that person impatiently——Gan Ning’s father, a well-dressed middle-aged man.
        He said in a pleasing voice as he came up to Gan Ning: “Ning Ning, it’s a sunny day, a good day for a picnic. Miss Xu just arrived, go have a fun day out with her okay?”
        “I’m busy. Shipyard orders are piling up.”
        “Relax. Work is endless. She is your fiancee, don’t you think you should spend some time with her?”
        “I’ve said many times. I won’t get married!”
        “Sigh! That means I’ll have no offspring to breed our next generation. You can’t do this to me! Ning Ning!”
        Gan Ning could not bear his annoying father anymore, so he pulled a long face: “I warn you. Don’t call me Ning Ning again! It’s a sissy name!”
        Gan Ning picked up his design drawing and left the house before his father bothered him. He headed towards a shipyard next to the pier. There were three vessels in a row to be installed inside the shipyard. He went to one of them and touched the hull. Gan Ning said ardently as he clenched his fists: “One day, I’ll sail my own ship to the boundless ocean.”
        “It’s really a magnificent ship.” A warm voice interrupted Gan Ning’s thoughts again.
        “Tut! What an annoying day! Bad luck!”
        Gan Ning turned around and looked the two men up and down with his arms crossed. One dressed in white, and the other dressed in blue. As an entrepreneur’s son, Gan Ning had already known they were nobles.
        “They maybe some kind of moguls.” Gan Ning thought. Then he asked manfully: “What is the matter?”
        “Obviously we come for you, craftsman, and your ships. I’m Zhou Yu, and he is...Well I guess you should know him.” Zhou Yu smiled.
        “Zhou Yu is the minister of the southern feudatory Sun Quan, so the man dressed in blue must be Sun Quan...I heard that they wanted to stir up an uprising against Cao Cao…”
        “You want me to build warships, aren’t you?”
        “Right. That’s why I love to work with smart people like you. I need 10 warships, to be completed by the end of the year.”
        “Impossible.” Gan Ning said bluntly as he shook his head. “I hate using my ships on wars.”
        “...So do I.” Sun Quan broke his silence. “But we cannot avoid our responsibility. Cao Cao’s force is getting stronger. If we don’t end this once and for all, the world will perish.”
        Gan Ning was in silence as he could not deny the truth. Zhou Yu continued persuading him: “If we disintegrate Cao Cao’s northern force, you can achieve your dream and go on a voyage.”
        “You——” Gan Ning blushed immediately as he knew Zhou Yu overheard his murmur. Although he had already made up his mind to take up the commission, he still wanted something in exchange. Suddenly, Gan Ning had an idea.
        “Cough! help me turn down my engagement, I’ll build warships for you.”
        “Turn down an engagement?” Zhou Yu kept staring at Sun Quan and Gan Ning. Then he responded with a cunning smile. “Simple! Leave it to me.”
        Instructed by Zhou Yu, Gan Ning ordered to bring his fiancee Miss Xu to his residence. She arrived on time, but Sun Quan was shocked at what he saw.
        “No wonder Gan Ning wants to turn down the engagement...She looks even muscular than Zhou Yu...” Sun Quan looked at Gan Ning compassionately and did not notice Zhou Yu was hiding behind Sun Quan.
        “Gan, finally you’re willing to date me. I miss you so much!” Miss Xu wanted to lean against him, but Gan Ning dodged her right away. He frowned at her: “Miss Xu, forgive me. Actually, I’m here to cancel our marriage.”
        “Why? Did I do something wrong? Tell me, and I promise I won’t make the same mistake again.” Miss Xu did not give up and kept approaching Gan Ning.
        At this time, Zhou Yu pushed Sun Quan hard; Sun Quan was sent flying as he did not see this coming, and fell into Gan Ning’s arms eventually. Zhou Yu came up to them slowly, put his hands on the back of Gan Ning’s and Sun Quan’s head, then pushed again——
        “Ah——Mm!” “Mm——” As their lips touched, Gan Ning and Sun Quan groaned in despair.
        “To be honest, they’re in relationship now.” Zhou Yu whimpered and his eyes were brimmed with tears, showing a sad face.
        “They...have such a forbidden and poignant love...Boohoo…” Miss Xu was moved by their love and burst into tears. She blew her nose into her sleeves, and such manly action had sent chills into Gan Ning’s, Zhou Yu’s and Sun Quan’s heart.
        “Understood...I wish you all the best. So long.” Miss Xu turned her muscular body around and left.
        “Haha! Beautifully done.” Zhou Yu said pleasantly: “Now, please honor your promise.”
        Wiping his lips, Gan Ning came up to Zhou Yu with a smile, but actually, he bristled with anger. Then, he gnashed his teeth and punched Zhou Yu in the stomach. “Okay! I promise to build your warships!”