Having witnessed the power of the evil dragon created by Belial from a piece of scale, Azazel also wanted a powerful dragon. In order to guard Belial and to finish the missions assigned by him, it was necessary for Azazel to have more power.

        Yet, scales with power were rare to find. As Azazel was searching for something that he could use for his creation of a dragon, he did not forget to continue enhancing his mastery of water elements at the same time. Even though he wanted a dragon, his main duty was to protect Belial. Enhancing his mastery of water elements could also provide him the power to serve as Belial’s bodyguard.

        One day, Azazel received a mission to aid the Demon’s troops in wiping out the annoying elves. At this time, Azazel had already mastered his skills in controlling water elements — he could even conjure animals out of water; the power of his liquid attacks were greatly enhanced by mixing the animals’ hunting moves into water elements. Before he set out, Azazel threw a quick glance at the evil dragon in the cage, preparing to conjure a water dragon this time.

        When Azazel arrived at the mission’s location, he could see that the Demons were having a tough battle with the elves; yet, he was not entering the battlefield. Instead, he hid himself, experimenting the idea he just contemplated. He started his conjuration with water elements denser than usual, and began recalling the appearance of the evil dragon — sharp claws and fangs gradually formed from the water elements. Quicker than one could imagine, he soon created a water dragon similar to the evil dragon. The only difference was the size.

        ‘Well, it’s just something created by water elements; I guess I shouldn’t be fussy about the size. Anyway, there is something that only this dragon can do.’ Azazel murmured in his heart as he looked at his creation.

        “Hang in there! The king is coming!” yelled Rakshasa, a female elf who was swinging a plantain fan to the elves behind her.

        “Hmph! Trying to please the king by showing off? You think I’m just gonna let you?” Jade the Fox, another female elf who was flicking her tail, also joined the battle with her subordinates.

        “I don’t have time to argue with you. You’d better not charge too far, or else you might cause heavy losses to us!” Rakshasa swung her plantain fan and blew Jade’s troops off the frontline. Not to be outdone, Jade returned Rakshasa a blow. As the two were fighting against each other, they did not become slack to counter the menacing Demons. Seeing their gallantry, other elves felt a deep admiration for the king who could tame the two leading female elves.

        Suddenly, a haze of steam rapidly spread to the frontline of the battle. Both sides of the battle lost their view of the area. Cautious of any potential pitfalls, Rakshasa ordered the elves to pull back; but Jade charged forward with her troops, in hopes of winning honor. The whole battlefield was shrouded in mist. Jade could not even identify where the enemies were; what she could only hear was the screams of the elves. An ice arrow suddenly flashed past her; an elf on her left was then shot dead, blood gushing from her mouth. The elves were killed one by one; as they were almost all dead, the mist began to vanish... No, it did not vanish, but condensed into a water dragon! It was too late for Jade to regret. With its bitter cold teeth, the water dragon killed the last elf on the battlefield.

        ‘It can transform itself while attacking. Not bad!’ Azazel stopped his magic; and the water dragon vanished. ‘With it, I can protect Venerable Belial effectively even if I am standing far from him.”

        Satisfied, Azazel returned to Belial to report on the completion of the mission.

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