Cooper summoned three gigantic dragons using the gemstones as his travelling companions. The three dragons not only developed intelligence, but also their own unique temperament during the journey. Pilatus was kind; Piasa was arrogant; and Wawel was domineering. They were led by Cooper and each played different roles. Pilatus shared knowledge with her; Piasa protected her; and Wawel cleared the course for her. However, Cooper reckoned that the dragons cannot grow anymore if they travelled together, so she asked the three dragons to begin new journeys on their own.

        Since Pilatus and Piasa were unwilling to leave Cooper, they chose to stay by her side. However, Wawel left after obtaining Cooper’s approval. He knew that he had to begin his own journey away from Cooper; otherwise, he would be able to gain neither knowledge nor power.

        Wawel did not travel to those “civilized” human cities and instead, headed for an untraversed place. Since he had decided that he needed more refinement and sedimentation of his knowledge, he stayed there and meditated, thinking repetitively about what he had learnt. After a long time, the exact length of which he could no longer remember, Wawel finally realized how he should comprehend this world.

        One day, Wawel heard a series of loud noise approaching where he was. He exited the cave where he had been resting. The moment he stepped out to investigate, an enormous wave of dark-purple pneuma crashed against him. Wawel crossed his claws to block it, but the energy was tearing at his claws. All of a sudden a dark shadow appeared before him.

        “Hey big lizard, the Elder Gods’ power you possess is interesting. I have had my eyes on you for a long time already. Give me your power!”

        The dark shadow reached out for the gemstone in Wawel’s chest. Wawel felt as if his soul was being sucked out. He roared in pain. Just before he lost consciousness, he could feel a familiar power. That was his last thought before fainting.

        Gazing at the cracked dark-purple gemstone, Cooper murmured:

        “Sorry, Wawel!”

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