A man Kubera dragged a loaded wooden cart to the gate of Sinha. “Who are you? Why are you coming to our country,” a soldier interrogated with hostility.

        “Easy, soldier. I’m just a merchant walking past this land, hoping to exchange some food with my products.” Even in the face of the Sinha soldier, Kubera showed no fear.

        “Humph! This broken scrap is not worth a penny. Don’t you dare deceive us. Sinha doesn’t need these useless things!”

        “Oh, you don’t say. These goodies are valuable.” Kubera took out a giant blade from the cart. The weapon was sharp, inlaid with rare gems. As he swung at a rock, it immediately split into half; all the soldiers were stunned.

        “See! My products are extraordinary. It’ll be your loss if you don’t buy it.” Kubera handed the weapon to them with a confident smile. During these hard times, people seldom wore a smile anymore, but he was the exception.

        The soldiers started discussing after taking the blade. Then, one of them brought the weapon into the city. Later on, there was a high-rank soldier coming out, who gave Kubera a warm welcome. This man was the general of Sinha. He invited Kubera to the city.

        “Strange...The palace is not in this way...It’s a trap!” However, it was too late. Five soldiers came over from behind; three more showed up before him, so there were nine in total. Even though Kubera knew how to fight, it was hard for him to get rid of the soldiers.

        “Em...What’s this all about? I’m just a humble merchant. No need to give me such a grand welcome.” Even facing a great danger, he was still at ease.

        “What a fool! You should have kept your valuables safe and low profile.”
        “...Oh come on, you want the products right? Take them all. Just spare my life, okay?”
        “I do hope so, but the king was strict about rules. Soldiers are not allowed to hide treasure from the country. If by any chance you report to the king, we’ll all be killed. So, sorry about that.” The general raised the blade and shouted, “kill——”

        However, Kubera was not weak. Before the general gave an order, he lifted the wooden cart and threw at the soldiers behind. Without seeing this coming, they were all down; and Kubera took this opportunity to flee right away.

        “Sigh, what an unlucky day!” He sped up as he saw the soldiers begin to catch up. Suddenly, the general appeared at a distance.

        “Tut! I’m surrounded.” Kubera had no choice but to run straight towards the middle path at a road junction. Unexpectedly, he bumped into a man, who then fell down on the ground.

        “Hey, are you okay?”
        “Yes——” “He’s there! Let’s go!”

        The general’s call was sent from behind. Kubera had no time to care for the man anymore. As he was about to run away, that man stopped Kubera. “Let me handle it,” Brahma said with a kind smile.

        Led by the general, the soldiers saw Brahma stand in the way, so they stopped and showed respect. “What’s going on,” asked Brahma.

        “Master doctor, a suspicious man just passed through here. Did you see him?”

        “Yes, he just jumped over the fence there,” Brahma responded.

        “How dare he hide in the residence...thank you very much. Everyone follows me!” The general continued searching with the soldiers again. After making sure they had left, Brahma turned around and spoke to a corner, “it’s alright now. You can come out.”

        Kubera walked out, asking doubtfully. “ you help me? It’ll get you killed if they find out.”

        “It doesn’t really need a reason to save people in need. It’s my pleasure to help you.” Brahma gave a satisfied smile. “If you wish, I can get you the citizenship of Sinha.”

        “Tut! No thanks.”
        “Em? Why? People have been yearning for living in this land.”
        “I may be down and out living outside, but there is something that Sinha cannot give me.”
        “Please, enlighten me.”
        “Sigh, you’re too genteel for words. My ears are getting itchy.” Kubera continued, “it’s simple. There’s nothing to be worried living in Sinha. Food, residence, wealth, you have them all. But it lacks freedom. As for me, I’ll rather die than live a boring life.”

        “I see…” Kubera had aroused Brahma’s interest. “I’m planning to do something. I think you’ll be interested. Would you like to help?”

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