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        She went to her friend’s grave, flowers in hand. No matter how much time passed, she had never forgotten what had happened in the past.

        “I knew you’d be here.” From her back came a male’s voice. He slowly walked to her side, his eyes tenderly looked into hers.

        “Are the two of them...really happy?”

        “I’ve heard a legend.”

        “A legend?”

        “A legend about two lovers...”

        Long ago, there was an elegant and beautiful maiden in Heavenly Kingdom. She weaved delicate fabric for gods and was known as Vega. Later, the master of Moon Palace, an admirer of her skill, invited Vega there. She then weaved day after day, year after year. Only stars, and her silent loom, accompanied her. Some time later, Vega read from books that life in the realm of Humans was remarkably splendid and colorful. The contrast further illustrated just how boring her life was now. Her heart to leave this destiny behind often ached; eventually, she could not repress her wish, and secretly left the palace to the realm of Humans.

        Flowery streets, dazzling products, everything was exactly like what was written in the book. Vega grew increasingly excited. When she walked across a stall selling ice-sugar gourds, she could not help but be attracted by their sweet and beautiful appearance...

        “Miss, do you want one?”

        The vendor handed a stick of ice-sugar gourd to Vega; she joyfully received it and started nibbling at it, continuing on her way. Just then, the vendor grabbed her hand...

        “Wait! You haven’t paid yet!”

        “Sorry, but I don’t have money...”

        “You thief! Pay or I’ll get the police!”

        “Police? No, please no! I’ll think up a way to get you money. Please let me go!”

        “Hmph! I won’t fall for this!”

        The commotion between Vega and the vendor drew the others’ attention. None planned to help Vega and instead, they all berated her for a thief who ate and ran. Just as Vega was stuck in helplessness, the voice of an adolescent sounded from the crowd...