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        The Grand Preceptor’s army and the rebels led by Jiang Shang confronted each other, yet no progress could be made. Wen Zhong’s army, which had come from afar, did not win the first battle. Instead, they retreated for steady defense while setting up the Ten Crucial Arrays with the Ten Welkin Lords. Despite Jiang Shang had few troops, he was aided by several celestial generals. Jiang Shang ordered his soldiers to scream and shout outside the village, seeking a quick battle in order to maintain the morale of his troops.

        Wen Zhong gathered a few celestial beings in his camp, and even the hermits who used to stay in their own domain came to offer their advice. The Grand Preceptor met them all, one by one.

        “Could you see the suspicious light in Jiang Shang’s camp? It is as light as a lantern, as intense as a fire. The Ten Crucial Arrays have been gradually weakened and I am afraid that it implies something misfortune is coming.”

        “Please kindly offer me your suggestions.”

        “You may summon a flood to extinguish the fire.”

        “If I flood the woods, the civilians there will suffer the same fate.”

        “The city of the rebels is only a few miles away. You have an army large enough to be divided for a sudden attack, and your enemy would definitely not be able to fight two battles at the same time,” he suggested.

        “To challenge an enemy to a battle, a proper challenge letter must be delivered and the day must be scheduled accordingly. On the day of the battle, the flags of Shang shall be hoisted all over our array and we should command our soldiers within it. In this way, no matter if we win or lose, we preserve our dignity. If I take your advice, there is no need of an array at all.”

        The hermit slapped the table and left the tent, sighing, “The evil are always destined to perish. We will end up find out our efforts in vain as we look back.” The Grand Perceptor chased after him only to see a celestial leopard dashing to the sky for its way back.

        The Grand Preceptor knew what the hermit meant. He heard that the officials in the government had always accused him of being stubborn and obstinate. However, the importance of the battle lied not only in the continual of Shang’s sovereignty. Wen Zhong could recall when he was young, the realm of men was peaceful, yet he witnessed the competition between Men and Elves using their celestial power, which resulted in rebellions everywhere. Young Wen Zhong swore to bring peace upon his country. After many endeavors, most rebellions were suppressed and he was given the title of the Grand Preceptor. “Jiang Shang is the only one in my way now!” Wen Zhong murmured. “This is the final battle. If we win, Men and Xian will be equally treated and no longer harm each other. If I lose, All Xian and Elves in the realm of men will cease to exist and that would mean policies and social developments... Therefore I must fight this last battle with dignity!”

        A few days later the two armies fought viciously. No one from the army of Shang could survive the battle and the soul of Wen Zhong was captured.

        After the battle, Jiang Shang invested Wen Zhong as the Mercy Revealer for he had been assisting his emperor loyally during his life. Though he was destined to serve a tyrant, his loyalty was worthy of sympathy. As the soul of Wen Zhong went to the Heavenly Kingdom, he blessed the lands with drizzles that flourished all creatures and punished the evil so fortune would stay on the good’s side. Wen Zhong had been spending his whole life fighting for the sake of all creatures. Though he was invested a deity after his death, his soul sought only peace.