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        When Wen Zhong was first invested with deity status, all still addressed him as “Grand Preceptor Wen”. Wen Zhong had to continuously stress that he was no longer Grand Preceptor did this stop. Addresses of “Venerable Wen” and “Brother Wen” were more common. However, there was yet another problem that exasperated Wen Zhong —

        “Venerable Wen, the Celestial Divinity has requested your presence”, “Brother Wen, may I know if you have studied this scripture?”, “Venerable Wen, there are still elves and Demons ravaging the realm. We need your help suppressing them!”...Before the investiture, Wen Zhong had devoted his life to helping Humans; after achieving Xian-hood, he was often summoned for his assistance by other Xian. He had once thought that death marked the end of ceaseless endeavors for the good of the realm, and finally, he could live a carefree life, doing what he wanted to do. Yet, being a capable Xian, he should bear his responsibilities. Hence, when Xian came to him for help, he felt it was somewhat inappropriate for him to decline. Although he was not exactly exasperated over offering his support, a shred of reluctance still lingered in his heart.

        This was a time when Demons overwhelmed the realm, and one of their particularly powerful members, youkai Douman Ashiya, had been causing trouble throughout the realm. Xian of the Heavenly Kingdom had heard the rumors and hence, discussions over who should deal with this youkai were commonplace. When rumors reached Wen Zhong, his calm failed to hold, distracting him from usual reading; his fatigue also rendered him unable to enjoy the usual aroma of the tea. Without himself noticing, his eyes often shifted focus to the main entrance of the Kingdom.

        ‘Sigh... How can I not worry when evil is devastating the realm? If they are not eliminated, I would be unable to calm and continue my reading. It seems like even in Xian-hood, work is unending, and tranquility will never come.’

        Determined, Wen Zhong did not wait for others to come for him and instead, proactively took up the mission himself.

        Though Douman Ashiya carefully hid the traces of pneuma, each time he consumes a creature’s power, slight residues of his pneuma would remain at the scene. Using the remnants of the pneuma, Wen Zhong promptly tracked down Ashiya.

        Wen Zhong cracked his dragon whip on the body Douman Ashiya was possessing, prompting him to leave his host and reveal his true form! Ashiya signaled souls of the deceased to throw themselves at Wen Zhong to provide himself with some cover; with Wen Zhong’s vision blocked, Ashiya drew seals in the air to prepare his Onmyō jutsu for the best moment to attack. However, Wen Zhong was no pushover. Even as Ashiya was launching the souls at him, Wen Zhong had already arranged a versatile magic circle. Although he had to parry Ashiya’s jutsu attacks, he still had ample time to repel the souls of the deceased. Ashiya threw the corpse he had been expelled from at Wen Zhong. The latter managed to wrap the discarded body with scrolls, but Ashiya had took the opportunity to near him.

        Water and light elemental power swirled within the magic circle. Although Douman Ashiya had already reached Wen Zhong, his charge had also been stopped in the magic circle Wen Zhong had previously set. Just as Wen Zhong was about to talk Ashiya out of his hatred in hopes of preaching the benefits of moving on, he was stunned to see Ashiya forcing his way through the circle to escape, completely disregarding the injury it would inflict.

        Wen Zhong summoned his black Qilin and started chasing Douman Ashiya. On the way, he shook his head: “If you are willing to mend your wrongdoings and cultivate your virtues like Daji, I might as well let you go. What a pity...”