Attribute relation applies to attacks from the enemy
Each team member that is of the weakness attribute of the enemy, will increases the enemies' attack with 40% to the max +200%
What Defines Strength
Name Attribute Stamina Rounds Exp
The Promised Place SI017 15 5 1125
Mercy of Death SI016SI019 15 5 1125
Imperative Enlightenment SI018 25 5 2500
Void of the Realm StagesAge of Heroic Spirits
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Special Stages

First time clearance is rewarded with Diamond x1

The Promised Place

Stamina 15 Battle 5 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
2 079i Blazing Lizard Warrior


4 941,588 2190
1 1527i Fiery Helmet Gnome


3 549,826 2580
1532i Flamy Marymount


1 468,925 3160
5 Waveskill: Ws1007 4 Hellfire Runes
5 1412i Fiery Sealed Zombie


2(1) 7,368,590 11250 No SI163 Bestowment
1412i Fiery Sealed Zombie


2(2) 7,368,590 11250 No SI163 Bestowment

【Enter Battle】
To celebrate their victory, Thor offered his soldiers, Odin, and the Summoner a feast. Everyone indulged in the taste of triumph, so did Thor. Odin smiled seeing Thor having a good time.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: 'It's the perfect timing to unite the Aesir and Vanir!'
509iThor of Fulmination: Odin, my friend. We're celebrating. Why the frown on your face? Here, have a bite of Aesirian seasonal fruit!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Thor, I love your fruit and I love Vanirian cuisine. I wish I could taste them both all the time, but you know it's only possible if the demons disappear for good.
509iThor of Fulmination: ...Odin, you're always thinking for the peace in the North... Yes, your brother was right. Strength isn't just about toughness. Blink power isn't the answer to everything...
509iThor of Fulmination: I get it, Odin. I promise the Aesir and Vanir will stand together, but I won't hand over my throne gratuitously... The two tribes send their own representative to a competition. Whoever wins take s the throne. That will do.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: 'I can't ask for more from a warrior like Thor. He has made his compromise. I hope Freyr will accept this union... No, it's okay. Loki will make him say yes!'
Odin and Loki managed to persuade Freyr into agreeing to the competition. The North's two strongest tribes finally took the first step to union.
They chose the forest between their territories as the battle state. Today, Odin, Thor and the Summoner set off on a journey from the Aesir to the forest. However, they bumped into a bunch of demons on the way. They grew their weapons...

【Meet BOSS】
Void Summoner Head : Thor, stay out of this. Save your energy for the competition. Leave them to me!
1412iFiery Sealed Zombie: My Flame of Despair will burn you into dust! Muahaha!

【Defeated BOSS】
The heroic spirits defeated the demons one after another and paved their way to the forest. As they arrived, the found Freyr pouting impatiently.
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: You're late!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: I'm sorry. We encountered hostile monsters and were delayed.
509iThor of Fulmination: I know the wait has put you in a temper. Delay no more. Let's fight!
Freyr drew his sword as Thor raised the god hammer. Tension compressed the air in the silent forest. Freyr yelled and sprinted to Thor.
He did not swing his sword, but instead swept Thor's legs. As Thor leaped out of reflex, Freyr thrust at him, but was blocked by the hammer.
Clank! Freyr's sword broke into two pieces. Thor stopped attacking out of confusion. Right at that moment, two soldiers staggered to Odin. They reported some shocking news - the demons had launched another invasion at Vanir and Aesir!

Mercy of Death

Stamina 15 Battle 5 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
489i The Pawn of Light


2 759,384 2080
837i Guard of Lightshield


2 862,453 3120
1012i Mummy


2 458,356 720
4 837i Guard of Lightshield


2(2) 862,453 3120 No  
5 838i Guard of Sacredshield


3(3) 30 2,000,000 No SI250 First Blood Shield
832i Guard of Seahalberd


1(1) 8,755,600 8710 No SI160SI254SI011 First Strike ‧ Enchanted Shield ‧ Row & Column Conversion - Water

【Enter Battle】
After being informed of the second invasion from the demons, Odin cancelled the competition and sent Freyr and Thor back to their own tribes to prepare for war.
Loki followed Freyr as a supporting force, and Odin joined Thor.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: I'm sorry, Thor. The competition I insisted on had left our territories open...
509iThor of Fulmination: Odin, it isn't your fault. The demons are unpredictable, but they seemed to have knowledge of our whereabouts. Only a few knew about the competition...
Void Summoner Head : 'Not only the competition. Stealing Thor's hammer was not an easy task, unless the thief had a floor plan of Thor's barracks..., it's not the time. We should deal with the invasion first!
Odin, Thor and the Summoner sprinted towards the Aesir around the clock for several days. When they arrived, they were shocked by what they saw.
Several Aesirians had been tattooed with green spells all over their skins and their hands were merged with weapons!
Under the influence of the enchantment, they swung their weapons violently at their comrades. Faced with the old friends and family, the Aesirian soldiers could not fight and died under their hands.
The tragic scene was seared into Thor and Odin't memories.

【Enter Wave 3】
Demon spirit Frantic soldier: My lord! G-grant me eternal peace...
Demon spirit Frantic Man: Aaah! It hurts! Kill me!
Demon spirit Frantic Woman: No, I don't want to hurt my child! Please, Master Thor, end this with your hammer!
509iThor of Fulmination: 'No, I-I can't... Is this the pain a king must bear? Their pain and blood are all on my hands. I'd rather fight an army of demons alone than to endure this agony.'

【Meet BOSS】
As Thor was drowning in his own thoughts, a frantic Aesrian sneaked up on him and raised his weapon. Right at that moment, a dark elemental spear pierced his stomach.
It was from Odin. His helmet covered his face, but Thor could tell rage was coursing through his veins.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: ...Unforgivable... They're attacking our hearts.

【Defeated BOSS】
Thor could not accept the frantic Aesirians' wishes to die. The Aesirian army was losing morale and were reaching the brink of collapse.
Odin rode his black horse to the frontline and raised his gleaming spear to the sun. He shouted resonantly...
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: All soldiers, listen. Discard your pitiful mercy! What you're facing are not whom you know but hostile monsters! Thrust your swords at their heads! This is a strict order from me!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Don't be ashamed to kill. You're just following my orders.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: I'll bear your sins. Hate me! Hate me for my inability that forced you to kill your family and friends with your own hands!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: 'My dear Aesirians. I can't save your lives, but I can promise you eternal peace. I swear to my spear that I will root out our enemy, the demon race!'
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Aesirian soldiers, attack!

Imperative Enlightenment

Stamina 25 Battle 5 Exp 2500 (100 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
081i Forest Lizard Warrior


4 998,342 2280
835i Guard of Woodaxe


3 901,347 2890
1528i Leafy Helmet Gnome


3 583,039 2790
488i The Pawn of Earth


1(1) 10 10 No  
4 1115i Mini Dragon of Erosion


3(3) 2,745,690 4190 No SI228 Sticky
583i Guard of Stern Shield


1(1) 8,358,230 6820 No SI188 Trojan Attack
1115i Mini Dragon of Erosion


3(3) 2,745,690 4190 No SI228 Sticky
5 1106i Sage of Vines - Samael


1(1) 10,632,150 15130 No SI232SI043 Initial Board and Heart & Earth Lock ‧ Heart Block 

【Enter Battle】
The Aesirian soldiers energized themselves with burning emotions. Their roaring drowned the battledrum as they slashed their way through their loved ones.
Tears rolled down the Aesirian soldiers' cheeks. Every slash became more fuel for their hatred of the demons and boosted their morale immensely.
Under the attack of the raging Aesirian soldiers, the demons suffered a crushing defeat. Odin blazed through the frontline under Thor's cover and reached the demon general's tent.
Odin looked at the demon girl named Samael guarded by the demons and aimed his spear at her.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: You are the one who brought unbearable suffering to my Northern people.
1106iSage of Vines - Samael: Y-yes, you ignorant human!
1106iSage of Vines - Samael: 'What is wrong with him? He's so intimidating that I almost lost my words.'
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: I'm tearing you to pieces and offering your soul to the deceased!

【Wave 3 - The Pawn of Earth raid】
488iThe Pawn of Earth: Please don't kill me...

【Enter Wave 4】
583iGuard of Stern Shield: We must not let Odin approach Master Samael!

【Meet BOSS】
As Odin charged at Samael, dozens of demons stood in his way. He lowered his upper body on the horseback and swept his spear around him without slowing down, tearing up all the surrounding demons.
Samael was left unguarded. She got on a horse, intending to escape. Odin gathered elemental power, and created dark tentacles, and attached them to his spear.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Filthy demons, there's no escape! Gaaar!

【BOSS - Samael defeated】
1106iSage of Vines - Samael: His strength is overwhelming...

【BOSS - Samael retreated】
1106iSage of Vines - Samael: I'll definitely kill you the next time we meet!

【After Battle】
Odin hurled his spear covered in dark elemental power at Samael, which created a crater as it landed. He sprinted to the crater, but Samael was not there. Someone had dragged her away from the explosion.
1100iVengeful Prince of Demons - Belial: Phew. You would've been minced if I hadn't made it.
1106iSage of Vines - Samael: Master Belial, say no more... Let's get moving. That guy is mad!
509iThor of Fulmination: 'Amazing. This is Odin's true power...and his heart of a king. I don't possess these attributes to make a good leader, but Odin does!'

VRAchievement Complete Imperative Enlightenment 1 times to unlock His & Her Bonds
VRAchievement Defeat The Pawn of Earth 1 times to unlock Demon Vault

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