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        “Stop...It’s tickling!” Speckle shouted at his animals on a meadow, but clearly he did not mean to scold them. Even though he looked ferocious covered with countless scars, the animals were still close to him. As Speckle heard human footsteps, his gentleness began to shift into hatred.

        “How many times I’ve said! Here is no place for humans.” To him, humans were dregs, so were the members of this organization.

        A man in black talked in a panic from afar. “Chief, something bad in the organization! The leader wants you to deal with the troublemaker in the headquarters.”

        Speckle responded indifferently. “I don’t care.”

        The man in black added with fear. “The leader said, if you refuse to help, the animals here…”

        “Tut, what a prick!” Speckle cursed in his heart.

        Wind swept in; when the man looked at the cave again, there was no one but the animals enjoying the grass. Speckle had long gone, heading his way to the headquarters.

        The moment he arrived at the destination, he could smell the reek of blood in the air; corpses were everywhere. Speckle walked straight through the hallway to a conference room, where bodies piled up even more; the smell of blood was getting more intense.

        Speckle’s sense of smell was as sensitive as cheetahs. From the scent carried by the wind, he picked up the smell of blood other than humans and spices. Rushing to the direction where the scent came from, soon he found a few intermittent blood trails on the floor, extending to the kitchen.

        “Woof, woof!” Screams of a hound were sending from there. Then, Speckle saw it is trapping inside a brazen bull, cooking.

        “WHO! Who dares to torture you like this!!” Speckle roared with his eyes red with rage; his hair was erect like the sharp spines of porcupine.

        Suddenly, a burly figure walked out behind the brazen bull, holding a chopper. “Who interrupts me to enjoy the screams of pain…”

        “You, Perillos!”

        Without giving Perillos a break, Speckle pulled out a scimitar from his back to pounce on him. Fast as bullet, Speckle reached his throat with the weapon in a split second. However, Perillos was no weakling. In the nick of time, he parried the strike with his chopper and barged the lean Speckle away with his burliness.

        “I don’t know why you attack me...The organization exploits. They deserve to die,” said Perillos.

        “I don’t care what you do to the disgusting humans...But not to animals!”

        “’re talking about them...Well, they have the most pleasant scream in the world. I’m fascinated.”


        Exuding with bloodlust, Speckle’s aura was turning into multiple hounds sitting right next to him. With a roar, the hounds sprinted towards Perillos immediately. When he saw Speckle bounce into the air and thought he would pull out the same trick again, Perillos raised his chopper to guard.

        “You can’t kill me——AHHH...why…”

        Although Perillos blocked the attack, his lower body was immobilized with severe pain, as if being bitten by thousands of hounds. Soon, a few bites appeared on his arms, legs, and waist…

        Once Speckle got serious, no one could catch his speed. The attack Perillos blocked was only the last hit unleashed by Speckle at the speed of light.

        “I won’t kill you yet. Enjoy the torture to be sentenced by the organization.” Speckle was trampling on Perillos in anger, even though he had already lost consciousness…