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        Liu Bei and Guan Yu visited villages to deliver speeches to encourage people to support the rebellion against Cao Cao. Today, they went to a village located at the foot of a mountain. It was a remote village surrounded by woods and mountains. The villagers there led simple lives. As Liu Bei and Guan Yu set foot in the village, they heard someone screaming. They followed the sound and found a hunter lying dead on the ground. A red claw mark emerged on his back. The old man standing in the crowd sighed and said, ‘Here’s another victim. Will I live long enough to see the day we succeed in eliminating that black bear?’

        Liu Bei stepped up to that old man and asked politely, ‘I’m Liu Bei. May I ask what happened to that hunter?’ The old man gawked hearing Liu Bei’s name and exclaimed, ‘Liu Bei? You’re the hero who defeated hundreds of imperial soldiers by himself?’ Liu Bei noticed Guan Yu pouting, so he clarified, ‘Not really. It was this girl, Guan Yu, who defeated them.’ The old man did not care much and changed the topic. ‘Our village has been suffering from bear attacks for years. Countless villagers fell victim, but the imperial soldiers never did anything to help us. I’ve been dying for a hero like you to save us…’ Before he could finish the sentence, Guan Yu shouted, ‘Leave the bear to me!’ Liu Bei pondered all of the possible outcomes and said with a smile, ‘Old man, wait for our good news.’

        ’Liu Bei, don’t drag me down.' Liu Bei and Guan Yu walked along the mountain road. Guan Yu’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade gleamed through the heavy mist swirling around the mountain. ‘What? Are you mad?’ asked Liu Bei with a smile. He squinted at her. She knew he had read her expression, and she could not hide her resentment anymore. ‘You don’t even look that strong! How could that old man treat a thin guy with a panda on his shoulder as a hero, but not me who was holding a giant blade behind my back?’ Liu Bei shrugged and smiled. As he was thinking of something to comfort her, his panda became nervous and slipped into his sleeves. It could not help trembling.

        ’What’s wrong? Did I scare you?’ As Guan Yu wondered what had frightened Liu Bei’s panda, she felt a gust of wind coming from behind. She turned around and raised her blade to guard herself instantly. A tiny paw pounded her blade and pushed her miles backwards. Liu Bei drew his sword and tried to stay calm. ‘Even your own kind is scared of you. You’re not an ordinary bear…’

        ’Ardinaly...pear…’ The bear was covered in brown fur. But looking closer, Liu Bei could see the hairless skin on its dirty arms. ‘This is...Do bears talk?’ He was stunned for a moment, but the “bear” charged at him again. He could not react to its incredible speed. Before he could fight back, a bloody claw mark emerged on his chest. Guan Yu stepped back and and raised her blade. Moments later, she leapt and slashed at the bear’s head at the speed of light!

        As the blade was about to reach the bear’s head, the bear jumped onto a nearby tree. Guan Yu landed on her feet and leapt towards the bear immediately. This time, it pounded her instead of dodging, trying to defeat her with all its might. Guan Yu raised her blade. As the bear crashed onto her blade, its hair flicked to the side, revealing a boy’s face to Guan Yu.

        ’A human!’ Guan Yu stuffed the hilt of her blade into his mouth and kicked him in his stomach as the boy bared its teeth. He growled and fell down.

        ’We...we did it?’ Liu Bei pressed the bloody mark on his chest and hobbled to Guan Yu and the boy. ‘If he was actually a bear, it would’ve been much easier.’ Guan Yu pushed his hair aside and asked, ‘Is he alone? Or…’ At this moment, the boy came to. He glared at Liu and Guan the instant he saw them, but he could not move as he was being held down by Guan Yu, who did not want to start another long fight.

        ’What are you doing here, kid? Where are your parents?’ asked Guan Yu gently. The boy began to bellow repeatedly while pointing to a nearby cave. He struggled to get away from Guan Yu a few times, and tears gushed from his eyes. Liu Bei ran to the cave immediately. As he set foot in it, the pungent smell of rotten meat sickened him. He looked around and found a rotten bear corpse with a dozen arrows stuck in it…

         ’There are always new things to be discovered... This kid must’ve been raised by that bear,’ Liu Bei sighed and continued, ‘Tie him up first. We’ll see if the villagers will adopt him.’

        ’There it is! Our village has suffered heavy losses because of this animal! Hero, please execute it on spot!’ The old man shouted furiously.; the other villagers stared at the boy in disgust. Liu Bei and Guan Yu thought the boy deserved better treatment. The villagers’ uproar scared the boy, who hid behind Guan Yu out of fear. Liu Bei smiled and said, ‘This boy was raised by a bear, so he always saw humans as his enemies. However, his naturally great physical strength might come in handy one day if we teach him the correct ways.’ The old man complained, ‘Bears have always been our enemies since ancient times. He might be a human, but his mind has been poisoned by bears. Him living in the village would be a potential threat to us. Killing him is the only way to root out the danger!'

        ’He did that only because someone killed his…’ Guan Yu was about to scold the villagers, but Liu Bei covered her lips. He wrapped his arms around the boy’s shoulders and grinned, saying, ‘How about...we take him with us and leave the village now. I’ll bear the consequences.’ The old man and the villagers pondered his suggestion. Moments later, they accepted. Liu Bei bid farewell to the villagers and left with Guan Yu and the boy.

        ’You failed to gain support from this village,’ said Guan Yu, stroking the boy’s head. Liu Bei smiled back and replied, ‘A village for a comrade. That’s worth it to me,’ he stopped and crouched down before the boy, saying, ‘What do we call him?' ‘How about...Zhang...Fei?’

        The boy heard his name and babbled on, ‘Zhang...Fei....Zhang...Fei…’