A carriage traveled along a route in the unbeaten forests to a boutique hostel. Filing out, merchants and their guards saw a voluptuous lady give them a welcome at the entrance.

        “Greetings! It’s getting dark outside. Come on in to take a rest.” Sun Erniang the hostess extended her warm hospitality by grabbing the merchants’ hands. Leering at such a bootylicious figure, they all grinded from ear to ear.

        “Hehe, sure my little beauty.”

        The leading merchant touched her hand implicitly. As she did not put up any resistance, he went all the way down to pinch her butt.

        Turning around with an enchanting smile, Sun Erniang licked her rosy lips seductively. This gesture had turned the merchants on, arousing their lecherous instincts within.

        “Be patient, you studs. It’s gonna be a long night. Let’s enjoy the dinner...Then I’ll take you all to climax one by one later on.

        The flirtatious Sun Erniang bowed to let her boobs slip intentionally, which made everyone listen to her words with a horny grin.

        Passing through the long hallway, Sun Erniang led them to a spacious suite behind a wooden door, where was served with delicate savories. The merchants sat down cross-legged and wolfed down everything on the table.

        It was gleeful for Sun Erniang to see everyone enjoy the food. Then, Sun Erniang shifted her attention to those guards standing unmoved beside the wall.

        She went over and said, “you guys must be tired also. Sit down and chill.”

        “We get paid to be vigilant. We can’t be slacking,” the guard shook his head.

        Gloominess flickered across her eyes when she glanced at the guard’s blade. Sun Erniang then threw a bewitching gaze instantly.

        “How can you stay alert while starving yourself?” As she held the dish in front of the guards, they eventually failed to put up with the temptation of the delicacies and gobbled up.

        Soon, all the food was cleaned off. It was not until now that Sun Erniang put on a sneer, as if her scheme had worked out as planned.

        “Erniang, the food is as delicious as you.”

        As their appetites were satisfied, the merchants started harassing at her waist, with no awareness of her inner change.

        “Please, allow me to show you the most exciting part of the night. I’ve been preparing for this for such a long time, and you’re gonna love it,” she said with a smile.

        With a clap, the door opened; several gorgeous ladies walked in. The merchants pounced on the beauty like perverts, but were all kicked away by Sun Erniang. Embarrassed, they were bending their bodies on the floor.

        “What are you doing...Ah...Why am I paralyzed…,” the merchants roared as they glared at her.

        However, the roars had gradually turned into weak mumbles. The merchants got the whole picture when they saw the guards fall down from the table. “You…! You drugged us!”

        “Yes, I did. Relax! It’s not lethal, but just immobilizes you.” Sun Erniang hid her cordial face to bring out her coldness and cruelty.

        “...You want money right? No problem. Name a price——” The merchant stopped speaking as a sword was put on close to his neck.

        At this moment, Sun Erniang was shrouded in a cloud of ominous black mist. “’re an elf!” The merchant was startled by her aura.

        “No, you’re wrong.” She gave those beauties a wink with a grin. “Not just me. We’re all elves.”

        As their true faces were revealed, the beauties conjured razor-sharp weapons with their power. Trembling with fear, one of the merchants even wet his pants.

        “Then, I guess you know why we’ve been searching for you.” Sun Erniang pointed at his stomach with the sword. “How does my kind taste like?”

        “Sor-sorry, it’s our fault! We just wanna know how an elf tastes like out of curiosity...You can have all my fortune! Please...have mercy…”

        “How shameless are you cheeky bastard to beg for mercy! Have you ever thought about sparing their children when they were begging at you?” Sun Erniang became vicious, “you don’t deserve to live!”

        She raised her sword and swung at the merchant ruthlessly; and those beauties also did the same. Soon, white curtains were tainted red in the symphony of painful screams, which lasted a while before silence returned.

        Leaving the clean-up work to the elves, Sun Erniang carried a huge plate to the kitchen, minced the meat and made it into steamed buns.

        Intense aroma filled all over the hostel. Then, she served the plate on the table, looking at the beauties with a kind smile.

        “It was a tough day. Eat them all. Consider it as your last revenge.”

        They grabbed the buns and bit; richness of grease and tenderness of meat burst in the mouth, as if it was served to compensate for the damage caused by humans.

        “It’s delicious...Boohoo…,” the beauties sobbed.

        However, the trauma of losing their loved ones was not that easy to be soothed. Tears kept dropping along their faces. While weeping their eyes out, the beauties swallowed the buns non-stop.

        Touched by this piteous scene, Sun Erniang had a strong feeling rolling within.

        “I’ll never spare those humans who torture any of my kind!”

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