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        Magrence was once human. Following the demons’ raid that orphaned her, Nightfall Savant captured her and injected dragon blood into her, turning her into a drackin. Later, after being saved by Armstrong, she lived under the Zodiacs’ care, but she did not stay for long, thinking that she belonged in the human world after all.. Other humans and elves at first detested Magrence for her half-dragon appearance but eventually accepted her thanks to her childlike innocence. Bit by bit she found herself a new home in the village.

        These peaceful days did not last long. One day, Magrence spent the morning playing with the children in the village. When she intended to return to the forest, she saw several frowning adults having a discussion with the village chief. Magrence stepped up and asked curiously, ‘Did something bad happen?’ ‘Sigh, our commercial travelers told us that demons wiped out several neighbouring villages with slaughter and fire, and they didn’t want to risk their lives staying around. They’re leaving after this trading. They even warned us to be careful.’

        ”Demons...again! You took away my parents. Now, you’re here to destroy my new home? I won’t let that happen!” Magrence gritted her teeth and clutched her chest. ‘Village chief, don’t worry. I won’t let those demons set foot in our village.

        Magrence spent several nights standing guard at the entrance of the village. She woke up to search the surroundings whenever she heard any noise. Nothing special happened until today. While the full moon hung high at midnight, and the villagers slept soundly, footsteps awakened the napping Magrence.

        ”Finally. I only see one person... He has a sickeningly metallic scent! It’s so strong it makes me nauseous. How many humans have he killed?” Magrence recalled what the demons did to her when she was small. Her throat dried up as she clenched her fists. She had made up her mind.

        ”I’m going to kill him with my own hands. This is the only way to wreak my revenge!” Magrence tiptoed and landed silently. She sneaked up on the uninvited guest and thrust her spear at the him. However, the demon sidestepped her attack as if he had predicted it.

        The clouds scattered and unveiled the silver moon. Moonlight brightened the demon’s face, and Magrence recoiled in shock. ‘It’!’ ‘Alas, what a coincidence. Isn’t it the little toy I threw away a long time ago?’ Nightfall Savant eyed Magrence as he advanced on her step by step. Magrence wanted to escape, but her legs was trembling uncontrollably.

        ’S-stay away!’ Her traumatic memories numbed her nerves. Tears poured from her eyes as she slumped to the ground. At that moment, three shadows leaped out of the woods and landed before Magrence — they were the children from the village!

        ’Don’t you bully Sister Magrence!’ ‘Dang demons!’ ‘Go away!’ The children picked stones and threw them at Nightfall Savant until he lost his patience.

        ’Tut, annoying brats! Melog, kill the nuisance!’ Loud rustling sounded from the forest as a giant melog crawled out of the trees. It raised its right hand and aimed at the children! Clang! Magrence’s spear thrust into the melog’s elbow, stopping its attack.

        ’I never imagined I’d be saved by children one day...Armstrong would’ve slapped me if he was still alive.’ ‘You...melog, don’t stop! Defeat her now!’ yelled Nightfall Savant frantically, and the melog began moving again, trying to escape Magrence’s suppression.

        ’Defeat me…? I’m not the crybaby I used to be anymore!’ Fire elemental power gathered at the tip of Magrence’s spear and intensified. The blazing flame creeped through the spear to the melog. The melting heat proved too overwhelming for the melog, and it fell down. Magrence raised her head and looked around for Nightfall Savant with her burning eyes, but he had run away already.

        Later, Magrence escorted the children back to the village. The villagers were grateful for her heroic act that had saved them from the demon. Magrence later came to be known as the guardian god of the village...