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Imperial Heroes - The Finishing Battle Ch.4

        After settling the alliance arrangement, Liu Bei and Lü Bu left Kingdom Wu and headed back to their own bases. On the way back, Zhuge Liang discovered Cao Cao’s conspiracy to eliminate Lü Bu as she spotted Cao’s army movements in the forest. As soon as they found out the raid, Liu Bei led his crew back to Kingdom Wu to call for help, while Zhang Fei stayed in the forest to help Zhuge Liang in distracting Cao’s army. The two misled Cao's army by blocking roads and faking wildfire.

        Zhuge Liang arrived at a spot where the Cao’s army would come across. While she was setting up roadblocks, Zhang Fei climbed up a tree to scout. Before long, Zhang Fei returned to the ground in a panic.

        “Fewer men...Didn’t avoid...smoke…” Zhang Fei reported to Zhuge Liang.

        “Looks like they’ve found out our presence and they’re tracking us down,” Zhuge Liang said in a low voice.

        “Luckily we’ve bought enough time for Liu Bei to notify Sun Quan. Let’s take a detour to meet up with Liu Bei.”

        When the two were about to leave, they heard quick footsteps approaching in close proximity. At the instant, Zhang Fei took Zhuge Liang and hid on a tree nearby. Very soon, a dozen of soldiers arrived at the spot.

        “That lady should be here according to her strategy,” said Sima Yi, who was searching for Zhuge Liang’s whereabouts. The unfinished roadblock had proven her deduction right. “She’s still around.”

        Zhuge Liang was surprised when Sima Yi revealed her plan. Knowing that their cover would be blown in any minute, she started planning their emergency escape immediately.

        “Push down this tree at them once we get down,” Zhuge Liang commanded Zhang Fei in whisper, who nodded in response. Then she took out a bag of dust ready for their escape anytime.

        Meanwhile, Sima Yi had noticed some shallow footprints on the ground. The moment she looked up at the tree they were hiding, Zhuge Liang poured the dust downward, blinding her temporarily.

        Zhang Fei, who seized this precious chance, jumped down while carrying Zhuge Liang. He ran away as fast as he could after pushing down the tree at the troop.

        “Chase them!”

        Sima Yi commanded her soldiers in spite of the irritation. She didn’t wash her eyes until sending soldiers to pursue.

        For someone who had grown up in the wild, it was just a piece of cake for Zhang Fei to run agily in such a dense forest, but not for Zhuge Liang even though she had memorized the map.

        As Zhuge Liang was falling behind, Zhang Fei decided to carry her.

        While the enemies were pursuing tightly, Zhang Fei gradually strayed off the route and relied on his instinct.

        “If we can’t get rid of the pursuit, we’ll eventually get caught despite the plan… Liu Bei told me that Zhang Fei is good at running in the wild…” Zhuge Liang thought.

        Recalling Liu Bei’s words, Zhuge Liang gave up on guiding Zhang Fei back on track. Instead, she reminded him, “we’re heading to the beasts’ territory. Stay sharp.”

        Zhang Fei nodded and kept running. As they were into the deeper part of the forest, shrubs and bushes here were denser than before; more obstacles were lying on the ground. There was no way for ordinary people to pass through here, but Zhang Fei was running swiftly as if this was a flat land.

        “Here...They won’t...come…” Zhang Fei put Zhuge Liang down onto the ground.

        The two hid behind a giant rock to monitor Cao’s army.

        Despite the close pursuit, Cao’s army had difficulty in passing through the blockades because of their heavy armors. At this moment, an observant soldier spotted Zhang Fei hiding behind the rock. Next second, a swarm of arrows were fired at Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang. When Zhuge Liang was going to drag him out of the attack, she saw him listen to something with his eyes closed.

        “Bear...Bear here…”

        Right after Zhang Fei’s words, an enraged gigantic bear ran out of nowhere, rushing to Cao’s army.

        “…” Listening to the surrounding, Zhang Fei suddenly turned around in a panic. Looking to the direction, they found an injured baby bear in the forest. At this moment, Zhang Fei rush to the bear to check on it.

        “Zhang Fei! Don’t!”

        As Zhuge Liang’s warning couldn’t stop Zhang Fei, she reluctantly followed him while keeping an eye on the giant bear.

        “We’ll be in big trouble if the bear finds us here. It’ll assume that we’re enemies.”


        Ignoring Zhuge Liang’s warning, Zhang Fei asked for her help while pointing at the baby bear’s injury.

        “Sigh...It wouldn’t have been shot if we hadn’t come here.”

        Zhuge Liang bandaged the bear out of guilty conscience.

        An enormous shadow shouded Zhuge Liang right after finishing the treatment. Before the startled Zhuge Liang dragged Zhang Fei away, something unexpected happened——the shadow walked towards the baby bear directly.

        The giant bear growled and left with the baby bear when it found that the wound on its offspring had stopped bleeding.

        “It said...thank you…” Zhang Fei was relieved as well.

        Meanwhile, Cao’s army had already fled because of the bear. As the threat was disarmed, Zhuge Liang and Zhang Fei hastened to meet Liu Bei.