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        Welwitschia, the king of Plantdom, was standing at the terrace, gazing at the whole country. Livelihood of the elves was seemingly normal, but an unprecedented threat was actually reaching the boiling point——The halo of Mother started dimming lately.

        Not only the whole Plantdom would be destroyed because of this catastrophe, but the floral-elves living inside would wither because of lacking elemental energy. Welwitschia was desperate to find out the reason, yet as the king he must stay in the country in order to keep the enchantment and the citizens safe.

        “I can’t put the elves into panic on this,” Welwitschia thought. Meanwhile, someone knocked on his door.

        “Your majesty, this is Shyplant,” said a soft female voice outside the room. Welwitschia’s frown loosened at the moment he heard it.

        “Come in.”

        With his permission, a petite girl entered the room. She hid her face behind leaves in order to be unnoticed, for this was essential for the king’s secret agent.

        “Your majesty, how can I help you?” The girl remained bowing, keeping her head down.

        “Get up first. I have an important mission for you.”

        “I’ll see it through as long as it’s your order.”

        “Mother Tree nurtures us with its halo, but it’s fading lately. If we don’t do something about it…”

        “Your majesty, do you want me to look into it?”

        “Yes, and you’re the only one I can count on. This has to be confidential.”

        Leaving the room, Shyplant embarked on the journey to investigate. After walking all over the realm, she came to a skyscraping tower at the centermost——Enochian Tower. To be precise, she was drawn here by some kind of energy, the kind of energy that resembled Mother Tree’s halo. Shyplant could only investigate outside the tower because it was sealed by barrier, but still she unfolded the shocking truth…

        Countless elements were vacuumed into the tower as if someone was deliberately stocking them. Shyplant realized that the elements supposed to be inside Mother Tree were all sucked in by this skyscraping tower. Much as she’d like to settle this now, she knew that this couldn’t be done on her own. All she could do was returning to Plantdom with this intel.

        Exhausted by the journey without Mother Tree’s halo, Shyplant had already been wrecked. The determination to accomplish Welwitschia’s mission was the only reason she could make it this far. Staggering along the road, she sped up when Plantdom was only a couple miles away. At this moment, a girl blocked her way.

        “Who are you? Why are you here outside the enchantment?”

        “I’m...Shyplant...I’m on Welwitschia’s investigate something…”

        The girl pondered for a moment and said enthusiastically, “it’s you! I’ve been waiting for you! My name is Papaver. King Welwitschia sent me to pick you up. Thanks for you effort. Please come with me. I’ll lead you to the king.”

        Papaver gave support to Shyplant, who was close to faint. While they were walking towards the enchantment, Papaver asked out of the blue, “so, do you find anything in your trip?”

        “I…” Shyplant was aware that this must be kept only between Welwitschia and her, but she let her guard down since Papaver was sent by Welwitschia, who might also have a clue about the tower.

        “I found a bizarre skyscraping tower out there...draining the elements out of the realm...I believe this is the reason why Mother Tree is fading…”

        “I see.”

        Papaver stopped walking; next second, she threw Shyplant to the ground. When Shyplant managed to turn around, she saw a terrifying look on Papaver.

        “I ain’t gonna let you go back with the truth!”

        Pulling out a dagger, Papaver first slitted her hand to tint the blade with poison. Responding to the danger quickly, Shyplant grabbed Papaver’s arm before she could stab her. Before holding back Papaver long, she bent her arms to cut a deep wound on Shyplant. While Shyplant was bleeding, she threw a handful of sand at Papaver to buy her some time to flee.

        “You won’t be going far!” No matter what Papaver shouted, Shyplant kept running towards Plantdom without looking back. When she was only a few feet away from the entrance, the poison had already gotten her paralyzed.

        “King...King Welwitschia…”

        Even at her last breath, all Shyplant wanted was to bring the intel back to Welwitschia, returning the favour of his recognition. Just when she thought everything was done, a male-elf found her.

        “Stay with me! I’m asking someone to help you!”

        “No...Listen carefully to what I’m about to say...Bring this message to King Welwitschia…”

        The elf realized her severe situation judging from her darkened nails and lips; crouching down next to Shyplant, he listened closely to her last words…