“Stop… stop pinning me on the wall and making me nervous. It won’t help!” Wimpy, pigeon-toed, trembled with fear.

        “That stingy Ali Baba. It’s just a cape awarded by the King! Is it really necessary to lock us up in the crown for ripping it…” the petite Mellow rode on the shoulders of a burly cat Zero, snooding his hair into lovely braids.

        “We’re starving! Where the hell is Ali Baba!” Choux continued with a frown, “the food I put outside is going to rot!”

        Everyone’s stomach began to rumble when Choux mentioned food. Losing their energy, the cats spooned together, lying on the floor. “So hungry…”

        “We’ll starve to death if it goes on like this.” Mellow then ordered Wimpy, “come on! Get this crown open and let us out.”

        Witnessing his friends biting each other like ham out of starvation, Wimpy stood upright as he decided to give it a try. “I’ll, I’ll try my best——Ahh,” he stuttered.

        Suddenly, a violent shaking interrupted his determination, which turned them upside down and did a front flip before it stopped. As moans kept coming into his ears, Wimpy reached his head out of the cat pile to check if they were alright. Fortunately, no one was injured although everyone was yelling and crying..

        But the sense of relief did not last long. Water started to leak from the bottom and the situation was escalating quick.

        “Wh-what’s going on? Why is there leakage?” Wimpy panicked again, with both hands pulling down his ears. Nervousness can be seen in his shifting eyes.

        The cats certainly had no idea about what had happened outside——The crown had dropped into a bucket filled with water. But the reason was no longer important. What really mattered was that they were in great danger!

        Water level reached half of their bodies in just a nick of time; and Wimpy shivered even harder in the face of this desperate situation. His shaking legs splashed water like a moving speedboat.

        Other cats started clinging to Zero and Fist since they were the tallest among them. The other cats climbed on them, stacking up and screaming like a baby.

        But this wasn’t the permanent solution for the danger. As water continued gushing from outside, soon Zero and Fist were flooded. But for the sake of the cats, they managed to hold their breath as longer as they could. Bubbles kept popping up in the water.

        “Sooner or later we’ll drown. I-I must unlock the exit and get everyone out!” Wimpy recalled what Ali Baba said that the exit was at the center of the floor. Looking at the deep water, Wimpy suppressed his fear, took a deep breath and made a dive.

        Then, he swam to the exit of the crown. Looking down, Wimpy saw 10 metal locks on the door. Each was as big as a fist and they were all different. For others, they would be at a loss with this puzzle; but for Wimpy, he was very thrilled as lock picking was his favorite hobby.

        “The top three are mortise locks; the middle three are deadlocks; the lower three are pin tumbler locks...What? The bottom one is a magnetic lock. Ali Baba is awesome. How can he find such a rare lock,” Wimpy analyzed calmly.

        Next second, he took out 10 metal rods in different sizes. “But I won’t be fooled!”

        With the sparkles in his eyes,, Wimpy swam to the locks and moved his hands with great speeds. Click——The locks opened one by one.

        It didn’t take Wimpy long to pick all the locks and unlock the exit. As the door opened, the cats got out of the crown with the water…

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