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        Awe — a word referring to both respect and fear. Hamel had always been in awe of Woodbury. She was grateful for the eternal life Woodbury had given her; but she was also frightened by her ability to grant such a life.

        “Venerable Hamel, we are ready to depart now.” An iron knight riding a hummingbird said.

        “Let’s move then.” Hamel casually replied.

        Since Hamel came to life, Woodbury had assigned myriad missions to her. This time, Hamel had to enter a city and welcome their new companion. When Hamel’s team arrived at the city, she had planned to return to her original size and sneak in. However, not only was there no guards in the city, the entire area also seemed to have no life at all. Toy pixies, despite their elf status, actually lacked sensitivity to their surroundings; but when they entered the city, even they could sense a strong malevolence in the air. Pained groans abounded; the wounded filled the city; and roads were packed with rubble. Some distance away stood a blood-covered teddy bear.

        “Humans are inferior. Why should we be their playthings?!” The teddy bear roared with a grin on its face.

        Hamel silently inspected it when it turned to look at Hamel.

        “So, you’re the ‘companions’ coming to receive me?” The frantic grin remained on its face.

        “You’re Morris?” Hamel asked after nodding.

        “Haha. Of course I am. Let’s not keep Lady Woodbury waiting.” Morris’ expression suddenly became mild.

        To the previous Hamel, a toy should just be a toy. It should not ask the owner to treasure it, as a toy will eventually be abandoned. The only ending for an outdated and ragged toy is to be discarded. But as Woodbury gave her a life, she began to question her past thoughts; and when she saw how Morris lived, she realized: all life are born equal, but the equilibrium can be tilted by one’s power. A smile spread across Hamel’s face, her thoughts at that moment manifested in a delighted expression...