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        As Uriel was patrolling around, the Crucifix which signified the connection between Keepers suddenly gave out an intense radiance. Uriel was startled by the sudden flash; it came from the gemstone representing Michael, which meant he was in grave danger. Worried about her companion, Uriel left for the realms. She sensed a Keeper’s pneuma and power gleaming from the tall tower, and directly flew towards Enochian Tower. After entering the tower, she spotted a familiar suit of armor...

        “Michael!” Uriel looked at the dying Michael. The Michael lying before her was ashen.

        “Uriel, it’s great you’re here! I need help!” She suddenly heard Lucifer’s voice behind her; but paying no attention, she continued to check on Michael’s injuries.
        “Michael is dying, and he could only be cured by a treasure lost in these realms. Can you help me find it?” Lucifer asked tensely.

        Just then, Uriel noticed the traces of magic circle on the floor. Observing it carefully, she recognized that it was from a spell used to absorb power; and this spell was only known and used by...

        “No, no way!” Uriel was stunned, for she could not believe what she just realized. At that moment, Uriel sensed a strike of elemental power blasting towards her; though she blocked it with her spear in time, the injuries inflicted were still not minor.

        “You’re too smart for your own good, Uriel.” Lucifer slowly walked towards Uriel who was knocked down.
        “You’re the one who had done this to Michael?” Uriel struggled back to her feet, but could not stand steadily from the pain.

        ‘You are always either too indecisive when you have to make a quick decision, or too reckless when you have to launch a thoughtful attack.’

        Uriel recalled Metatron’s words, for her brief hesitation had almost cost her life at the hands of Lucifer. Giving her no chance to recover, Lucifer once again summoned elemental power; his subsequent attack launched Uriel into the wall which crumbled under the impact. She decisively elected to fly out of the tower as she realized the only way she could turn the tide was to do so in the open. Lucifer chased after her as expected. He blasted a hole in the tower wall before flying out unhurriedly.

        “You can’t escape, Uriel.”

        “I’ll defeat you!”

        Igniting a blazing flame while grasping her long spear, Uriel charged at Lucifer. He let out a hysterical laugh, for though things had not gone as planned, these small accidents could somewhat alleviate his boredom...