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        Raphael had seen Sariel as a teacher ever since they had first met. She had taught Raphael the proper way to use her power and the knowledge that a potential Keeper had to acquire... Raphael originally planned to tell her of things related to the ocean world, but suddenly, the Crucifixes they were wearing sparkled. Every gemstone on a Keeper’s status-signifying Crucifix represented one of their companions. Raphael saw that the flash was coming from the gemstone of Michael. This meant that he was facing extreme danger, prompting her to worry for him. After considerable discussion with Sariel, they decided to go to the realms together.

        As they arrived, they happened to see Uriel and Lucifer battling each other. Aggressive in his assault, the all-powerful Lucifer was running down deadly attacks at Uriel with his savage spear.

        “Stop! Lucifer!”

        Before Sariel could stop her, Raphael had already rushed between the two, and was instantly flung into the ocean by the blast of Lucifer’s attack. She sunk directly to the depths. Looking up through the murky blue ocean, she saw three brilliant rays bashing against one another. The green light was spiraling around the duo as the dazzling golden light collided with the red. The latter swayed and struggled to stabilize himself in the air.

        ‘Has Lucifer gone mad?’

        The ocean in the realms was relatively less dense. She had to alter the shape of her armor in order to stop sinking. Despite the pain, she whipped her leg fins and swam upwards, summoning jellyfish-like elemental creatures and ordering them to collect powers from the ocean. She leaped out of the water while Sariel and Uriel were parrying Lucifer’s attack. Without second thought, she elongated her spoon scepter to deflect his blows.

        “Raphael, why do you defy me? I’ve always been your friend!’

        “You’re no longer the Lucifer I knew!”

        Yet, Lucifer’s power was much stronger than they had imagined. Raphael could only draw power from the ocean. Countless giant water fish ascended from the water surface, walling off Lucifer.

        “I still can—”

        “Don’t overexert yourself!”

        Sariel hauled Uriel away; Raphael, who was flying behind them, turned to look at Lucifer who was trapped by elemental jellyfish. Yet, all they could see was Lucifer slashing effortlessly through the jellyfish, one after another.

        “What happened to Lucifer?”

        “Uriel needs prompt treatment. Let’s leave first and talk later!”

        The trio flew far away. High up in the air, she could finally have a clear picture of the situation of the realms: devastated lands, chilling fortresses, demonic beasts and warlords roving around...

        ‘Michael, what has happened between you and Lucifer?’