In the past, Michael and Lucifer came to the realm and became its Keepers, only to have witnessed Zeus and his fellow Gods interfered with all creation with force: their intention was to absorb the realm’s power. Michael and Lucifer decided to superficially cooperate with Zeus while stealthily searched for a way to expel him.

        Zeus secretly manipulated Humans to build Enochian Tower, but he failed to anticipate that Lucifer would lure Demons to attack the Tower. The wars brought the realm into chaos. Michael could not approve Lucifer’s means. He abandoned his body and directed his soul into the Court of Libra. As Lucifer was absorbing power from the Tower, he could not travel far from it and hence, could only let Michael go.

        Keepers of other realms arrived at the realm upon Michael’s beckon. Gabriel, who had always viewed Michael as his best friend, was appalled to see his lifeless body. Believing Lucifer’s lie, he embarked on the journey to locate the artifact that could save Michael. Keepers who were late in arriving at the realm heard clues of what was truly happening from the Court of Libra: Lucifer had been absorbing power from the Tower, but the price was that he was forced to stay there; and Gabriel had already brought back the artifact Lucifer wanted.

        “Thank You, Gabriel!” Lucifer linked his soul with the artifact before putting it in a magic circle. The artifact worked as a medium to joining the circle and Lucifer himself. Power radiated from the circle’s center, blasting Gabriel from the Tower. Gabriel bellowed vehemently: “Lucifer, how dare you lie to me!”

        Just as Lucifer was about to leave, a blazing spear suddenly shot at him. Lucifer blocked it easily when a gigantic elemental jellyfish jumped in his way from the ocean. He slashed the barrier in a flash and had started attacking Uriel and Raphael. The wounded Uriel could only parry his attack with Raphael’s help. Potent power bursted from Lucifer’s body, forcing back the other Keepers; Gabriel hurled light spheres at Lucifer but swirls appeared in the air and diverted them. Raphael created incessant water curtains to hinder Lucifer’s movement and keep him within Gabriel’s attack range. However, Gabriel’s attacks came to no avail and all their attempt did was sapped the power of the three Keepers who were trying to restrain Lucifer.

        Uriel was the first to show signs of exhaustion and was blown into the ocean. Shocked, Gabriel was hit from behind and taken down by Lucifer. Raphael barely parried an attack with water elements but just as Lucifer was preparing to give a lethal strike, a greenish purple ray shot through the air. The attack forced Lucifer to halt his attack and switch to defense. Raphael grabbed the chance to escape and rescued the other two Keepers. Greenish purple light enveloped Lucifer; Raphael immediately picked up Uriel and Gabriel. He flew towards the source of the light: it was Raguel and Sariel attacking Lucifer with the artifact. However, it could not be used again for some time and the Keepers were already exhausted. At this moment, Lucifer, who was quite far away by now, was rebuilding his body with power from the realm...

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