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        Sariel was going to spend some time with Raphael for old time’s sake, but there was something unusual happening with their Crucifixes. The gemstone representing Michael was flashing, which meant that he was facing grave danger. This left the duo no choice but to set off for where Michael was — the realms.

        Yet, just when they arrived, they saw Lucifer and Uriel fighting. Sariel and Raphael did not understand why Lucifer was a hundred times stronger than before. If he had not been restricted by Enochian Tower and unable to journey too far away from it, it was possible that they could not have saved Uriel. Now, they were hiding where Lucifer was unable to reach.

        “Our gracious and compassionate Lord, have mercy on us; grant us peace...” Sariel incanted a prayer to heal angels. Uriel was then enveloped by a soft, emerald lumiance. She had her right forearm shattered, three ribs next to the stomach fractured, right lower leg cracked, and muscles all over her body torn. Sariel had to manipulate thousands of strands of light at the same time to treat the tendons, muscles, bones, and to speed up healing. Uriel did not wake from her coma, while the duo had no idea what they should do next. As they still troubling over what to do next, the angel Raguel — who specialized in observation and analysis — also arrived in the realm.

        “I have to conduct an investigation first. Then, we will decide whether we have to intervene with this matter or not,” said Raguel stoically after he had taken a quick glance at Uriel.

        “Look, Uriel is already in such serious condition. Why on earth do you still have to think about whether we have to intervene or not?” Sariel exploded at Raguel, for she always greatly disapproved of his indifference.

        “Sariel, I don’t care about your overflowing heart of charity. But please, don’t assume I would behave you as would.”

        “Sure, since who would want to be a cold-blooded monster like you?!”

        “Is.. is this really the time to argue? Uriel needs to recover in tranquility!” Raphael, who had been watching from the side, immediately tried to dissuade Sariel from arguing. Hence, Sariel was forced to keep her silence.

        “All I am going to do right now is investigate. It’s up to you what to do next.” With that, Raguel turned and continued, “There’s something wrong with Lucifer’s pneuma; but what concerns me more is Michael— his pneuma is too weak for me to locate.”

        Sariel was going to ask for more details, but Raguel had already glided into the sky.

        “He hasn’t changed at all!” Sariel could not calm her rage.

        “Sariel, why would he go for an inspection if he truly didn’t care?”

        Sariel knew that Raphael was right. Besides, Raguel might be exposed to danger during his investigation alone. Though her agitation was not eased, she decided to accompany Raguel. Although words were not exchanged, Raphael understood what Sariel was going to do, and assured her, “Quickly go after him. You know that Raguel is a fast flyer. I will look after Uriel.”

        “The only reason I’m going is because I don’t want to see another flashing gemstone!” With that, Sariel dashed after Raguel, setting out on the journey of investigation...