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        Metatron was born with a great power, which meant he had always been stronger than other Keepers. However, he had never been arrogant because of this. Instead, his desire for perfection is greater than everyone else. He craved all forms of knowledge. Therefore, other keepers loved studying by his side: with Uriel, it was practicing fighting techniques; with Gabriel, it was discussing the way to use magic; with Raguel, it was analysing what they had learnt and exchanging ideas.

        Metatron hoped that he could utilise his power appropriately. Whenever his fluctuating emotions caused a wrong decision, he would reckoned it as the insufficiency of his cultivation, so he had been looking for different means to strengthen his will.

        One day, while he was reading an ancient book, he found a spell which claimed to be capable of granting resolute will. He immediately began reciting the spell. Upon the chant, five light spheres came out from his body and gradually transformed into humanoid form! They represented the negative emotions hidden deep in his heart. The blue sphere became a child with fearful eyes; the red sphere became a golem with a torso of fire; the green one was a maiden fettered by love; the yellow one was a strange man covered with dazzling glints; and the purple one was an emotionless lady.

        This was nothing Metatron expected. He had never thought there would be such strange objects coming out from his body. Before Metatron tried to catch them, these strange figures were already flying towards different places. As a result, Metatron set out hurriedly, as he knew he had to recapture them as soon as possible...