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        Gabriel took out the Crucifix signifying the connection between Keepers, recalling those past memories. Suddenly, the gemstone of Michael flashed brilliantly, signifying something had happened to him... Feeling overwhelmed with worry, he rushed to the present location of Michael without a second thought.

        Gabriel arrived at a strange place. He closed his eyes and concentrated, reaching out with his senses. He detected the pneuma of Keepers coming from the tall tower...

        Gabriel followed the trace from the weak pneuma, and to his surprise he saw Lucifer kneeling beside Michael with despair. He could not detect any pneuma or power from Michael. Gabriel hurried forward, hoping that everything before him was just an illusion. Relentlessly punching Lucifer’s armor, he questioned him desperately...

        “How did this happen? What’s going on?”

        “I don’t know either! He’s like this when I found him...”

         Helplessness and frustration clouded Lucifer’s face. At first, Gabriel had been outraged; but the anger inside him vanished when he saw Lucifer stricken with grief. Mental fatigue set in on his legs and Gabriel collapsed on the floor. His most precious companion was dying, but yet, here he was unable to do anything...

        Lucifer seemed to remember something and said, “I got a way to save Michael! But...”

        “But what? Just spit it out!”

        “When we first arrived in this world, an all-powerful treasure happened to be lost in the realms. If we find it, we can save Michael! Yet, there’s no sign of it anywhere...”

         “Don’t worry. You can count on me!” said Gabriel. His eyes shone brightly with the rekindled light of hope. With a pound to the chest, he firmly stated, “No matter what difficulties await, I will definitely bring the treasure back!”

        After Lucifer had told him characteristics of that treasure, Gabriel hurriedly set off for the search, unaware of an eerie smile flickered across Lucifer’s face...