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        Raguel arrived at the realm of men. He soon found Uriel, Sariel, and Raphael. After learning from them about the incident, Raguel had originally planned to investigate on his own, but in the end, Sariel followed him.

        ”Why did you follow me?” Raguel took a glance at Sariel, who was standing next to him.

        “Didn’t you say ‘it’s up to you’?”


        Raguel did not plan to spare any time to continue his quarrel with Sariel. He increased the sensitivity of his detector for a radius search, hoping to locate Michael’s exact whereabouts. After a while, Raguel finally managed to find traces of Michael; his detector had sensed Michael’s weak pneuma on a battlefield.

        The battlefield was strewn with corpses, indicating that a skirmish had just taken place. At that moment, Raguel did not care about who was battling who. He must find Michael as soon as possible; he could sense Michael’s pneuma becoming weaker and weaker, almost disappeared. Raguel dared not lose the opportunity to find Michael as he reckoned this may be the final chance to find him. Fortunately, the victorious in the battle had not journey too far, and Michael pneuma was among them.

        “Who are you?” A female warrior who appeared to be the leader pointed her sword at Raguel and Sariel.

        “Where’s Michael?” Before Raguel answered the question, Sariel had already transformed her Evil Eye into two swords and prepared for a battle.

         “Wait!” Seeing the female warrior’s reaction upon hearing the name of Michael, Raguel raised his hand to stop Sariel. He stepped forward and asked; “We are the Keepers of the realms, and we are looking for our comrade Michael. We could sense the pneuma of Michael from you. May I ask is there any connection between you and Michael?”

        Raguel even had to recite the oath of Keepers before female warrior Luna could let her guard down and answer their questions. Unfortunately, she did not know much. All she could tell the Keepers was that there was a disagreement between Michael and Lucifer. Sometime later, Michael’s soul depleted its energy; therefore, he had been resting within her, and had fallen into an endless sleep.

        Raguel thought about Luna’s words. After some quick thinking, he took out a book-sized tablet — a recorder he created based on a gadget invented on one of the planets he watched over. He looked up the suspicious circumstances he marked down before; the direction of energy flow in the realm of Humans, the excessively strong pneuma of Lucifer, his attitude towards his comrades...

        “Oh I see.”

        “You discovered something?” Sariel asked hurriedly.

        “Please try to heal Michael and then meet up with Raphael. There is something I need to confirm.” Then, ignoring Sariel, Raguel flew toward Enochian Tower alone...