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        “...Something is missing. This is not enough.”

        A girl in a checkered blue and black dress called for Winkie. She casually took off Winkie’s hat: “What I’m missing is just this power. It’s a shame I don’t have it.”

        “Miss Alice?” Winkie asked in bemusement. The girl, Alice, did not answer and simply placed the hat back on Winkie’s head.

        “Do you remember Doris?” Alice asked Winkie. Of course Winkie remembered her. It was Doris who had saved her and given her the name of Winkie.

        “Go and look for her.” Alice handed her an invitation letter. Winkie received it and began her journey, on the flying broom Alice had given her. During Winkie’s flight, she peered at the invitation letter; her memories replayed themselves in her mind like a broken record player.

        ‘Hm...from now on, your name shall be Winkie.’ Doris said to the servant whom she had just saved from a trafficker. The Mistress and her three daughters were friendly to Winkie, and she thought that this happiness would last for the rest of her life; but a tragic incident happened crushed this dream. Its appalling nature had sent Winkie into a faint upon seeing it. When she woke again, all that remained was Alice fidgeting with a rea hat, the one that Winky now wore.

        ‘Perfect! Since I can’t wear my grandmother’s hat anyway, why don’t you wear it for me?’ With a grin on her face, Alice put the hat on Winkie’s head. Winkie, as an ordinary Human, was immediately consumed by the hat’s power immediately. Her skin turned green, her eyes black, and her irises red, any who looked upon her would believe she was a despicable witch.

        ‘Hehe, you want to see blood now, don’t you? This is the side-effect when the powerless wear the hats.’

        “Oops, no good. I almost forgot what I have to do.” Winkie lightly waved the hat in her hand, seemingly summoning all the bats into it as if magic.

        “It’ll be bad if I got it dirty.” Winkie placed her hat back on and conjured a broom out of her necklace. Disregarding the bodies mutilated by bat bites, she continued her journey...