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        Ancient humans gathered to establish tribes and Atrahasis was busy studying various kinds of knowledge and new technologies. Dedicated to the relationship between elements and all mortal beings, he was gradually affected by the elemental power. Then, he saw a vision…

        Anu came to a village for teaching people some new knowledge and technologies. Among all of them, Atrahasis was the one especially interested in his expertise. He would visit Anu everyday for a lecture.

        “...Pollen is dispersed by air currents. After fertilization, flower bears fruit. So that’s why not every plant will grow fruit if no pollination is conducted.” Anu plucked one from the tree and handed it to Atrahasis.

        “I see. I thought it’s because of malnutrition,” Atrahasis responded as he had a bite of the fruit.

        “As for weather…” Anu noticed an unusual pattern appeared on the sea. He stood up and pondered, “do you know what is fish rain?”

        Atrahasis burst into laughter when he heard the words. He bantered with Anu and answered, “do you mean the fish will fall from the sky?” Atrahasis looked at the cloudless sky and thought it was ridiculous.

        “Yes, indeed. I guarantee that you’ll able to see this phenomenon in these few days.”

        The villagers looked at each other and felt doubtful if it was true. Anu turned around when Atrahasis asked with a puzzled look. “Fish lives in the sea. They have fins but not wings...How is it possible…”

        “People used to think that fire means evil before they know how to use it. It’s natural for us to question something that we’ve never experienced before. Be curious about knowledge, and be brave to pursue the truth, Atrahasis.” Then, Anu turned and left.

        Looking at the back of Anu, Atrahasis kept pondering over the words in his mind. Afterwards, he tried to find Anu for clearing the confusion in his head, but it was of no avail even though he had searched the entire tribe…

        On the second day of Anu’s vanishing, the weather was unusually hot. The air was filled with moist haze. Thick layers of clouds covered the clear sky. Atrahasis looked up in the notes given by Anu and knew that it was cumulonimbus. The weather under the mountainside was supposed to be mild, but this abnormal phenomenon had made him feel uneasy.

        At midnight, the villagers were startled by huge plop outside. They were stunned immediately after they walked out of the houses. A shoal of fish fell like rain from the sky. Assorted, fresh cod, bass, herring were everywhere.

        “It’s fish rain.”
        “Such amount of’s enough for us to eat for a few days.”
        Atrahasis was shocked. “I can’t believe Anu’s prediction actually becomes true.” However, the cumulonimbi had not cleared away, but became bigger and bigger instead. Atrahasis recalled Anu’s reaction when seeing the ripples, so he rushed towards the seaside.

        “The water subsided...What is that? Oh my!” Dark towering cumulus was so low that it almost touched the sea surface. Two rotating columns of water started forming. The top connected to the thunderheads; and the bottom extended to the sea, which kept spinning sucking up water and sweeping across the shore.

        “The fish rain is just an omen. What Anu tried to warn us is actually the waterspout!”
        Flood was strong enough to destroy the houses, let alone this unknown natural power. Even though Atrahasis had never felt its strength before, the past experience and knowledge told him that they must go to high ground.

        Atrahasis led all the villagers to go up to mountain and take refuge on the peak. At this moment, everyone witnessed how the waterspout crushed the fishing boats into pieces and sucked up the houses. All of them were numb with shock, except Atrahasis. His eyes glittered with excitement.

        “I can make use of my knowledge and learn from lessons even without any help. Although I’m not able to predict what’s happening in the future, I can deal with challenges by means of knowledge.”